In Update 1.75, we launched a process aimed at moving certain types of items from the character level to the account level. We linked costumes, pet skins and mount skins to the account (and server).

These cosmetic items have been placed on a separate tab of your inventory to make them easy to access and use. For more information, check out our devblog article on the topic.

For Update 1.76, we've continued to work on this transition with three more important customization elements:

  • Runs
  • Finishers
  • Auras

Runs and Finishers

These two categories of cosmetic items work exactly like costumes and creature skins. For runs and finishers, you'll need to learn them manually once the update has been deployed. Just double-click on the item to learn it and store it in your cosmetics inventory. The item will then be linked to the account.

If you have any doubles of these item types, you can go to the Astrub Inn to exchange your duplicate run or finisher for a run or finisher of equivalent value.


We've decided to completely dissociate auras from their relics. This means that carrying a relic item will no longer cause an aura to be shown; you'll have to select an aura from your cosmetics inventory. You can also choose not to show any aura at all.

This category of cosmetic items works exactly like the others (costumes, etc.). Just double-click on the item to learn it and store it in your cosmetics inventory. The item will then be linked to the account.

To acquire an aura, you'll need to complete a relic achievement (the most common of which is to fuse 100 fragments of a relic). Aura acquisitions will be retroactive when Update 1.76 is deployed: You will automatically unlock all auras at the account level for which your individual characters have completed the corresponding achievements.

To make it easier to find your auras in the inventory, we've created icons that are visually similar to their associated auras.

Next Steps

The account entity feature is especially important to us, and we hope to continue improving on it over the course of the year. That being said, certain conversions are much more complicated to implement than others. That's why we're taking the time to do this piece by piece, as an ongoing process.

Here's the list of content that we're hoping to move to the account entity in the not-too-distant future:

  • Titles
  • Emotes
  • Professions
  • Progress in exploration (artifacts, transport)
  • Mimisymbics

We haven't yet decided what form these will take or what order we'll do them in, so for now, we don't have any more details to share about these.

We'll come back to you later with more information.

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