Several months ago, we conducted a poll about features in the game to better understand your expectations. The majority said that game ergonomics were important to you. For that reason, we focused on several areas to improve the user-friendliness of the game interface.

Among these areas, we decided to adapt how cosmetics function in the game in 1.75.


Cosmetics are centralized in a specific interface and inventory, called the cosmetics inventory.
These cosmetic elements are stored on account level rather than on character level. Several characters on the same account can therefore all use the same cosmetic. We call this method of handling things "the account entity". For example, kamas are currently stored on account level and you have the same amount of kamas no matter which character you are playing.


  • Free up space in the main inventory.
  • Link cosmetics to accounts.
  • Share cosmetics on account level.
  • Make it easier to see and use cosmetics.
  • In time, share certain progress elements on account scale.

General Functionality

  • Cosmetics are distributed in the form of items.
  • Using one of these items lets you learn the cosmetic and puts it in the cosmetics inventory tab.
  • Learned cosmetics cannot be removed and are therefore permanently linked to the account.
  • A single cosmetic (a single purchase) can be used by all characters simultaneously.

General Cosmetics Interface

The cosmetics inventory is a tab available in your regular inventory. There, you will find all your cosmetics in several categories. In addition, a search bar lets you filter all your items in the various cosmetic categories.

A single click on one of your cosmetics will show you a preview, and a double-click will equip it on or remove it from your current character.


Your characters' cosmetics will automatically be grouped together in the cosmetics inventory during the update. For doubles (cosmetics that you have bought several copies of and that you have equipped on several characters on the same account), the transition will be as follows:
  • The double will be transformed into tokens, the number of which will be equivalent to the most recent value of the product.
  • There is a "costume" token and a "creature skin" token.
  • Two machines in Astrub let you trade tokens for the cosmetics associated with the tokens that are present in the shop when the update is rolled out.
    • "Costume" Machine
    • "Creature Skin" Machine
  • Costumes on dummies can still be recovered/equipped, as there is no transition to the new system for them.
  • Costumes, mount skins and pet skins that are not equipped maintain their current linking system.
  • Since mount skins and pet skins are linked items, you can also convert them into the equivalent tokens at the "creature machine".
  • Costumes obtained without the spending of either Ogrines or real money are not compensated. For example, Nowel gifts will not be compensated.
  • Cosmetics are account-bound and linked to the server: cosmetics unlocked on Rubilax are not made available on Pandora.
Important: Once the update is rolled out, your equipped costumes won't be able to be removed from the account, including costumes obtained during events.

Next Steps

We would like to give the account entity more importance in future updates, but this area of work has many consequences and very diverse knock-on effects. For this reason, we can't provide a definitive list of what will be on the account entity.

We can, however, share some of the elements that might be moved to account level in the medium or long term. This list is not definitive.
  • Titles
  • Auras (disassociated from relics and obtained based on achievements)
  • Emotes
  • Runs
  • Finishers
  • Professions
  • Progress in exploration (artifacts, transport)
However, we have already determined what will be impossible to transfer to the account entity:
  • Achievements
  • Quests
  • Experience
  • Resources, items and equipment

Even though the account entity is an important system, we will continue to work on many other improvements likely to have a big impact on how you play.
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