A big beard. A jolly big character all in red. Have the holidays refused to go away?

You might be the one sticking stubbornly around because even though he doesn't usually hand out gifts, Rushu loves giving you what-for! The Lord of the Shadows in person is waiting for you in his palace, ready to rumble!

Rushu, the New Ultimate Boss 230

A huge challenge is coming to WAKFU: Rushu, the new Ultimate Boss, will be available starting on January 25.

This devblog tells you more about it.


Access to Rushu's Palace is reserved for characters level 216 and up.

Unlike the other Ultimate Bosses, access is not limited to a specific number of attempts or victories (loot) per week.

Key fragments will be scattered about in the dungeons of the Shustuft Crust. You can assemble them to make the key that lets you open the door to Rushu's Palace. Only one key is needed per attempt, and the key will be consumed when the door is opened. To try again, you'll need to consume another one.

This system ensures a loop of exchange and interaction among the various player profiles and the content offered in the Shustuft Crust. The goal is also to naturally limit access without resorting to a limit on the number of tries per week. The fragments and keys can be traded.
If we find this system to be satisfactory, we will probably decide to extend it to the other Ultimate Bosses in the future.

This new access format is not the only specific thing about Rushu. He also comes with an appropriate mechanic and rewards.


Like Ogrest, Rushu has a scoring system and cannot be killed.

The battle ends after 20 turns. Players are considered to have won if they earn above a certain score.
The team score is equal to the damage inflicted on Rushu. The goal is to earn the biggest possible score, and therefore to inflict as much damage as possible during the 20 turns. The Stasis level cannot be increased.

Among other things, Rushu's power increases as you do damage.


Scores mean thresholds, even when Rushu is involved! You unlock new items based on the damage inflicted score. Are you ready to take maximum risk to earn a better score and get better rewards?

As an additional little boost, your prospecting also increases based on the damage score you inflict on Rushu. Between danger and greed, what will you choose as your strategy?

In order to maximize the interest of this risk/reward mechanic, we haven't rolled out a machine for this boss.

Here are some of the precious items you could get from this Ultimate Boss:

The Challenge!

As we do with every release of a new Ultimate Boss, we're offering a challenge worthy of the event! This time, we won't be rewarding the first to defeat this boss. Instead, we'll be rewarding those who are most efficient during a specific period of time: from January 25 to January 31 at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time).

The group of players that has achieved the best score at the end of January will win the challenge.


  • The event will take place on the Pandora and Rubilax servers independently (there will therefore be a winning group on each server).
  • You can fight Rushu with a group of friends, members of your guild, or even with your Heros.
  • You do not need to reach a minimum score or post a screenshot of the end-of-fight interface under this devblog article.
  • The fights will be verified by our developers.


For the big winners:

  • 1 Milimoowolf Set
  • 1 30-Day Booster Pack
  • 1 "Ultimate Exterminator" Title
  • 1 PeeVeeEmm Costume (NEW!)
  • 2 Mimisymbics
For the 100 top-ranked players at the end of the month:
  • 1 "Demon-King Purifier" Title

Access to this new Ultimate Boss will be possible on Tuesday, January 25 starting at 4:00 p.m. server time (/time).
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