In WAKFU, we've traditionally applied temporary bonuses (XP, loot, professions, etc.) during important events (game anniversaries, new year, etc.) We've decided to improve the way these bonuses work and clarify how they are used.

Here's a table of recurring event bonuses and the changes we'll be making to them:


Current duration

New duration

Current bonuses

New bonuses

New Year

2-3 days 1 week +100% combat & profession XP & loot +25% combat & profession XP & loot

Wakfu Anniversary

2-3 days   +100% combat & profession XP & loot +3 days of booster credited to all active accounts

May Day

2-3 days 1 week +100% profession XP +25% profession XP

Balanced & universal bonuses

We're increasing the duration of these bonuses because we want more players to be able to take advantage of them, at their own pace and at a time that's convenient for them. We're aware that it can be hard for some of you to play on the weekend, and that a longer duration will make events more accessible and universal.

We're reducing the bonuses' maximum value because we think they're too high, which can sometimes undercut the value of character progression.

In WAKFU, character progression is intentionally designed to be slow. Reaching the maximum level should feel like a major accomplishment.

While we like the idea of events that temporarily enable players to speed up their characters' progression, we don't want to trivialize it in the process.

These bonuses will be applied to all servers, whether the accounts are using a booster or not.


Our goal will be to inform the community at least a week in advance when these events are coming up (through announcements on the official website, in the Launcher, and on social media).

When an event goes live, all accounts that log into the game will receive a message on their first login to inform them of the event (as with surveys).

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