In Update 1.73, we're adding two new dimensional rifts and a legendary artifact system, plus we're increasing experience gains and loot.  


New Dimensional Rifts

Exclusive sublimations can be obtained in these two rifts.
The Amakna Rift (110-125)
The Osamosa Rift (200-215)

Legendary Artifacts

Every five waves, two legendary artifacts (four in an ultimate rift) will be offered in place of regular artifacts.

These artifacts are more powerful than the normal ones, so they may have a big impact on combat and gameplay as a whole.

Our goal is to add more surprises and key decision branches, and thus make rifts more replayable.

Here is a list of legendary artifacts (the list is not exhaustive, and the artifacts mentioned may change before Update 1.73 goes live):

Legendary Artifact Power
Fountain of Youth When an ally loses MP or range or is moved, they regain 5% of their max HP.
Anvil If the character doesn't move during their turn, they'll receive Armor equal to 20% of their max HP at the end of the turn.
Cracked Pearl 20% bonus to Damage Inflicted for attackers with 100% HP.
Moogrrose The first attack within a turn deals 40% more damage, but following attacks deal 40% less damage.
Teapot If the character doesn't deal damage on their turn, they regain 50% of missing HP at the end of the turn.
Dragon Scale If the character takes zero damage when it's not their turn, they gain 10% of their max HP as Armor at the start of their next turn.
Small Whistle 50% of Lock is converted into Distance Mastery. The converted Lock is lost.

Odd turns: +2 MP
Even turns: -2 MP

Boots of Alacrity +2 MP for characters with over 90% HP.
Compass At end of turn, switch places with the nearest ally or enemy.

Increased Experience Gains

Experience gained in rifts will no longer be penalized if the monster team's level total is higher than that of the team that defeated them.

This change will lead to significantly higher experience gains in rifts.

Our goal is to give players experience gains in rifts that are competitive with those in dungeons.

Increased Loot

We've increased the loot bonuses granted by each wave reached:

  • In classic rifts: Each wave reached will now grant an 8% loot bonus (up from 6).
  • In ultimate rifts: Each wave reached will now grant an 18% loot bonus (up from 12).
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