In Update 1.72, we're introducing a new "wild PvP" system called Demonic Pacts. For players who decide to participate, it will allow them to do battle just about everywhere in the world of Wakfu. The more risks you take, the more rewards you'll be able to win.

Risks vs. Rewards

Participating in the Demonic Pacts system will provide you with substantial XP and loot bonuses, but in exchange, you'll be taking the risk that part of the experience and loot you collect will be stolen from you.

Each nation city will have a demonic altar where you can activate or deactivate one of the two available pacts whenever you like:

Demonic Pact Bonus Risk
No pact None No risk – this is the current game mode!
Cautious +25% XP and loot 25% of the XP and loot you acquire is placed in a pact inventory whose contents can be stolen.
Opportunist +50% XP and loot 100% of the XP and loot you acquire is placed in a pact inventory whose contents can be stolen.

The loot bonuses also apply to the quantities of resources you harvest.

The cautious pact is for players who want to limit their risk. They can only lose what they've gained through the pact bonus.

The opportunist pact is for those who are willing to lose a lot in order to gain more.


The demonic altar allowing you to choose a pact.

Pact Inventory

Depending on the pact you choose, all or part of your winnings will be placed in your pact inventory (see table above).

To recover and secure its contents, you'll have to go through an extraction phase that involves multiple steps:

1) Go to one of the 6 extraction altars located around the world.
2) Start a gathering phase that lasts for a few minutes, in order to activate the altar. Players with an active pact will then be notified that a gathering is starting at that altar.
3) Once the gathering is complete, you will be able to start the extraction, which will only take a few seconds.

You can then transfer the contents of your pact inventory to your regular inventory.

The experience collected in your pact inventory will automatically be assigned to your character once you have finished your extraction.

This extraction phase ensures that there is a minimum level of risk for players who benefit from pact bonuses.

It provides a way to create additional opportunities for confrontations, ambushes, and chases by bringing players together from time to time.

Key characteristics of the pact inventory:
  • Everything contained in it can be stolen after a PvP fight with one or multiple characters with an active pact.
  • Heroes do not have a pact inventory; they use the one belonging to the main character.
  • Its maximum capacity is fairly large, to allow you to play for a number of hours before having to perform an extraction.
  • Once it is full, any new items that would have been added to it will be lost.
  • Its contents are preserved between game sessions or logouts.

The extraction altars needed to secure your loot. Their appearance changes during the summoning phase.

Predators, Prey, or Both?

You can approach this system in several different ways:

  • Hunt down other adventurers (who are participating in this game mode) to steal their rewards by focusing on PvP fights.
  • Avoid the "hunters" to try to benefit from the bonuses provided by pacts without engaging in PvP fights.
  • Use both of the above options at once!

This game system doesn't rely solely on direct confrontation between players. We want to leave plenty of room for players who want to take advantage of the bonuses while doing everything in their power to avoid or run away from battles with other characters.

Characters with an active pact will have a distinctive sign appearing over their heads (visible only to those who themselves have an active pact).

Heroes can be used in these PvP fights.

In PvP fights between characters with an active pact, the victors will share all of the contents of their opponents' pact inventories.

But these winnings will not be secure yet, because they will be transferred into the victors' pact inventories.

The winners will therefore have to perform an extraction in order to permanently recover their winnings. They'll be at risk of losing the contents of their pact inventories in turn.

The beta version of this new game mode will be available on the beta server. We encourage you to test it and share your feedback with us!

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