Back in 2020, we told you about some of our intentions for the class revamp that we had in the pipeline. Today, with our overhaul of the Xelor class rapidly approaching, we're back to share more details of our plans and the changes we'll be making.

Part of the community told us that they found the Xelor class too complicated to manage and that the spells were too linear. That was also our analysis at the time when we started our overhaul of this class, so this aspect was the Game Design team's primary focus.

This brings us to the most original element of the Xelor class revamp:

Wakfu Points!

You can think of these Wakfu Points as additional gauge to complement your Action Points. The Xelor can keep Action Points (AP) in "reserve" in the form of Wakfu Points (WP), by converting AP to WP.

"Patience is a virtue."

And being able to unleash your AP at just the right moment in a fight may have a decisive impact on the outcome.

The Xelor now has 12 WP. So you can opt for restraint for one or more turns and convert your AP to WP; then, just when your opponent is least expecting it, you can convert some or all of your WP back to AP and deploy your chosen strategy to dominate the fight.

We've also added more depth to the elemental paths, which will now complement each other better and will each have a strong rule.

Elemental Paths

  • Fire spells can now only be cast at medium range, but deal more powerful damage!
  • Water spells have a variety of effects, mainly linked to control over time: weakening targets through AP reduction, and inflicting damage over time.
  • Air spells are focused on movement and mobility. Movement spells do not inflict damage on the Xelor's allies.

New non-elemental spells will be added to reinforce these three paths by creating richer synergies.


In update 1.71, there will be 20 passives for this class – twice the previous number. Our goal here is to provide passives that will have a more meaningful impact on how you play this class. These passives are not free bonuses; they must be used wisely to reveal their potential.

You'll need to keep all of these elements in mind as you decide how to set up your character build.


Revamp Summary

  • Removed the "Tick Turn/Tock Turn" mechanic: This is now a specialization that can be achieved through multiple passives.
  • Revamped the active spells to strengthen their identities.
  • Improved the class's mobility and positioning abilities through the Air path.
  • New passives to accompany several specializations and roles.
  • Xelor characters' skill points are reset and can be reassigned.


  • Damage: ranged or medium-range, burst abilities.
  • Support: debuffs on enemies (AP reduction) and bonuses on allies.
  • Positioning: increased mobility (through the Dial) and various positioning spells.

General Gameplay Mechanic

The Xelor has 12 WP. These WP can be used for their three main roles:

  • Damage: A spell costing WP lets you temporarily increase your damage.
  • Support: A spell costing WP lets you give AP to an ally.
  • Mobility: Each move on the Dial costs 1 WP.
  • WP can also be used to increase the Xelor's AP for their current turn in order to use many spells.

At end of turn:

  • The Xelor regains 1 WP.
  • The Xelor regains 1 extra WP for each AP they still have.

Fire Spells


  • 3 AP, 2 to 3 Range (straight-line casting)
  • Fire-type damage in a 5-cell horizontal line
  • 3 uses per turn


  • 3 AP, 3 WP, 0 Range (non-modifiable)
  • Adds X Fire-type damage per AP after each spell for 1 turn
  • Not using this spell for one turn reduces the cost of its next use by 1 AP
  • 1 use per turn

Dark Bolt

  • 4 AP, 3 to 4 Range
  • Fire-type damage
    • Rebounds 2 cells 1 time:
    • Damage doubled on the rebound
  • 2 uses per target


  • 5 AP, 2 to 4 Range
  • Fire-type damage
  • When a Xelor kills a fighter with this spell, they regain 5 AP
  • 2 uses per turn


  • 4 AP, 3 to 5 Range (non-modifiable, no line of sight)
  • Fire-type damage
  • Each cast increases the spell's minimum and maximum range by 2
  • 2 uses per target

Water Spells


  • 3 AP, 1 to 2 Range
  • At end of the target's turn: higher Water-type damage in a 1-cell cross around the target
  • 4 uses per turn, 1 use per target

Slow Down

  • 1 AP, 1 to 3 Range
  • Xelor, then target: -2 AP
  • Water-type damage
  • 3 uses per turn, 2 uses per target


  • 1 WP, 1 Range (non-modifiable)
  • For X current AP:
    • Water-type damage * X
    • Damage applied in X turns
  • 1 use per target


  • 3 AP, 1 to 4 Range (straight-line casting)
  • Water-type damage
  • -1 AP
  • Each cast re-triggers its effects on previous targets (within the turn)
  • 4 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 4 AP, 4 to 7 Range (non-modifiable)
  • Water-type damage in a 1-cell cross
  • Removes 2 AP in a 1-cell cross
  • The following turn: Allies in the area gain 1 max AP for 1 turn
  • 2 uses per turn

Air Spells


  • 2 AP, 0 to 4 Range (non-modifiable)
  • Air-type damage on enemies
  • The target will be pushed 4 cells on the Xelor's next turn
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target

Tempus Fugit

  • 2 AP, 2 WP, 1 to 5 Range (non-modifiable)
  • Places a Temporal Twist on the Xelor's position and that of their target (2 turns)
  • A Temporal Twist is activated when targeted by a spell (any spell, by any fighter)
  • The fighter located on the activated twist is then teleported to the other twist (switches positions if necessary)
  • 2 turns to recast


  • 4 AP, 0 to 3 range (in a straight line & no line of sight & requires a target to be cast)
  • Air-type damage in a 2-cell cross
  • Teleports targets in the area symmetrically relative to the center (switches places if the destination cell is occupied)
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 3 AP, 1 to 3 Range (non-modifiable)
  • Air-type damage on enemies
  • Teleports symmetrically relative to the target (switches places if the destination cell is occupied)
  • 3 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 5 AP, 1 to 3 Range
  • Air-type damage
  • The Xelor is stabilized until the end of their turn
  • 2 uses per target

Non-Elemental Spells

Dial (automatically unlocked at start of fight)

  • 2 AP, 1 to 3 Range (in a straight line & non-modifiable)
  • Places a Dial (40% of the Xelor's max HP), teleports Xelor to the VI hour
  • (Switches places if the destination cell is occupied)
  • Moving from one hour cell to another costs no MP, but costs 1 WP
  • The current hour appears at 12 when the Dial is summoned
    • Each WP spent moves the current hour forward by 1
    • This includes movements on the dial, but also spells that have a WP cost
    • Standing on this cell gives the Xelor 30% damage inflicted
  • 3 turns to recharge

Time Theft (automatically unlocked at start of fight)

  • 1 WP, 0 Range (non-modifiable)
  • Gives 1 AP for 1 turn
  • Each time the spell is used, the number of WP converted for the following turn increases
  • Not casting this spell for a turn resets the number of WP converted (back to 1).
  • 1 use per turn


  • 4 WP / 0 to 3 Range
  • 3 AP bonus (1 turn)
  • 2 turns to recharge

Against the Clock

  • 2 AP, 0 to 3 Range
  • At end of the target's turn: The target is teleported to the cell where it started its turn
  • The target cannot be targeted by Against the Clock again for 4 turns
  • 1 use per turn


  • 2 AP, 2 WP, 2 to 4 Range
  • Summons a Sinistro (20% of the Xelor's max HP) (maximum of 1 per Xelor)
  • At the start of the Xelor's turn, the Sinistro gives 1 AP and 50 Resistance to all fighters in a 3-cell circle
  • 2 turns to recast


  • 4 AP, 1 to 5 Range in a straight line (no line of sight)
  • Summons a Cog (30% of the Xelor's max HP) (maximum of 1 per Xelor)
  • If the Cog is teleported or transposed:
    • Light-type damage in a 2-cell circle around the destination cell
    • The Cog loses 10% of its max HP
  • 1 use per turn


  • 2 AP, 0 to 3 Range
  • Cast on an ally:
    • Generates 6% of max HP as Armor on the target and removes 1 WP from the Xelor (for 3 turns)
  • Cast on an enemy:
    • When the state bearer casts an AP or MP reduction spell:
      • The number of points removed is reduced by 3
      • The Xelor regains 2 WP
  • 3 turns to recast


  • 2 AP, 1 to 3 Range (non-modifiable)
  • Cast on a Dial/Sinistro/Cog:
    • Switches positions, then destroys the summons
  • Cast on another fighter:
    • Teleports the target symmetrically in relation to the Xelor
    • (Switches places if the destination cell is occupied)
  • 1 use per turn



Dial Master

  • Enemies on an hour cell inflict -15% damage
  • The Xelor inflicts -10% damage on enemies on an hour cell


  • 2 max MP
  • At end of turn, the Xelor no longer regains 1 WP


  • 2 RA
  • 15% close-combat damage suffered

Tick, Tock

  • Odd turns: -20 Force of Will
  • Even turns: 20 Force of Will

Tock, Tick

  • Odd rounds: 25% Damage Inflicted
  • Even rounds: -25% Damage Inflicted


  • At start of turn, the Xelor teleports to the current hour
  • The Xelor has -10% Damage Inflicted if they are not on the current hour


  • +6 max WP
  • Removes half of max MP (rounded up)

Course of Time

  • When a teleportation or position swap occurs during a Xelor spell or passive:
    • -1 AP on the affected targets


  • Reverses the direction of the current hour's rotation on even turns
  • The current hour provides a better bonus (additional 15% Damage Inflicted)

Déjà Vu

  • +20% damage from behind
  • -4 max WP

Knowledge of the Past

  • Converts Range into % Damage Inflicted
    • Rate of 1:4, converted Range is lost
    • 1 Range point is not converted

Violent Omens

  • 20% Damage Inflicted at 3 to 5 RA
  • -1 MP

Dark Dimension

  • The current hour gives a Force of Will bonus:
    • 30 Force of Will instead of 30% Damage Inflicted

Slowdown of Time

  • Increases the size of the Dial
  • Elemental spells can only be cast from an hour cell if a Dial is in play


  • The Xelor's summons no longer block line of sight
  • +1 Sinistro and +1 Cog max

Specialized Mechanisms

  • When one of the Xelor's summons dies:
    • Inflicts Light-type damage to targets around their position

Momentary Permutation

  • At end of turn, the Xelor switches places with their Dial
  • The Dial gains 100 Elemental Resistance

Combat Mage

  • AP reductions in close combat have been replaced by an Armor gain for the Xelor
  • 100% of character's level as Armor for each AP that would have been removed


  • Ranged AP reductions have been replaced by application of indirect damage
  • 10% of character's level as Light damage at start of turn for each AP that would have been removed


  • -6 max WP
  • Regenerates 2 WP when the Xelor kills a target (including allies and summons)

This new version of the Xelor will be available in-game when update 1.71 is released. Feel free to let us know what you think!
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