In Update 1.71, we're adding a new feature that lets you easily change the appearance of pets so that players can separate the bonus provided by a pet from its appearance. It will work much the same way as mount skins.

We have two main goals:

  • No longer monetize pets that provide bonuses to characters as these bonuses have a significant impact.
  • Offer cosmetic items in the shop that let you change pets' appearances as freely as possible: unlimited skin changes and skins that are compatible with all pets.

How It Works

Pet skins are items that can be consumed to be added to the list of pet skins a character knows.

Pet skins that have been learned do not take up space in characters' inventories. They can be added to or removed from pets at will.

the interface that contains all pet skins owned by the character and that lets you select them

Dyes and Accessories

Dyes and accessories will no longer be sold in the shop after Update 1.71 is released.

All dyes and accessories that exist for a pet will be able to be chosen (from the pet's interface).

All players will have access to them for free.

When a pet skin is used, the dyes and accessories for that skin will be available.

Dyes and accessories can be changed at will.

After the release of Update 1.71, dye and accessory items still present in characters' inventories will be able to be recycled into powders.

available dye selection menu for the Clawbot pet
available accessory selection menu for the Tofu pet

Transition in Several Stages

Here is a recap of the different stages:


  • Pets with bonuses, and pet dyes and accessories sold in the shop.


  • No pets with bonuses sold in the shop.
  • Skins for nearly all existing pets are sold individually in the shop.
  • No change for pets players already own (they keep their bonuses).
  • Dyes and accessories are no longer sold in the shop (they are available for free in the game, directly on the pets concerned).


  • A considerable number of pets that were previously only available via the shop can be obtained in the game (to make all types of bonuses available).

The pet skin system can be tested in beta 1.71; a machine in Ecaflipus lets you test the pet skins.

Feel free to let us know what you think.

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