With Update 1.71, we're adding a Crafter Directory feature. This list of crafters will allow potential clients to easily contact crafters who wish to offer their services. Our goal is to facilitate social interactions among players and showcase crafting.
You won't have to cross the street, now, to find work. All you have to do is sign up for the crafter directory!

For Clients (consulting the directory)

The crafter directory is available from an interactive stand in the main workshops in the cities of Bonta, Brakmar, Sufokia, Amakna and Astrub.

We have decided to make the directory accessible only from the stands in the workshops to give them additional interest and create additional points of interest in the cities.

Stand allowing access to the crafter directory in a workshop in Astrub

When they interact with this object, players get access to an interface in which they can quickly choose the recipe they want to make and see a list of crafters capable of making it who are willing to be contacted with this type of request.

Crafter directory consultation interface

Crafters are displayed by profession level from lowest to highest to give those who can still level up their professions a boost.

For Crafters (registering with the directory)

From the profession interface, crafters can set, for each profession:

  • whether or not they wish to be listed in the directory; and
  • the minimum level of items they are willing to make.

A button lets you suspend your listing in the directory with a single click for all professions.

This feature lets you, for example, define the professions for which you want to be included in the directory in detail, remove yourself entirely from the directory, and add yourself to the directory for only those professions you've selected in advance.

Crafter directory registration interface

When crafters log-off, they are automatically removed from the directory. When they log back in, they will automatically be added back to the directory.

Only the character currently being played as the main character can register for the crafter directory. (Hero characters cannot register for the directory.)

This feature is available as a beta test on the 1.71 beta server. Check it out and let us know what you think.

We hope it will help you meet new players, make your recipes more easily, and level up your professions.

Category: Game design