Following all the feedback received from the community since Enchantment was introduced and the survey we gave you a few months ago, we decided to make a few changes to the Enchantment system for Update 1.68.

We wanted to concentrate on making Enchantment more accessible by making optimization less costly.

This is an important step before considering any possible greater, longer-term changes to the Enchantment system.

Increased Likelihood of Getting Equipment

We wanted to make it easier to get some items of equipment. This will, on the one hand, increase the likelihood of you finding an item that has suitable sockets, and on the other hand, give you greater opportunity to sacrifice items using Enchantment and get the expected outcome.

Legendary Items:
The likelihood of getting these items has been increased by 25% (now 0.25% instead of 0.2%).
Quantities of ingredients in recipes to upgrade a mythical item to a legendary item have been reduced by 30%.

Souvenir Items:
Quantities of Ogrest's Tears in Souvenir items' recipes have been reduced by 50% (now 400 instead of 800).

Epic Items:
The likelihood of getting these items has been increased by 20% (now 0.4% instead of 0.333%).

Increased Number of Charges After Sacrificing an Item

We want sacrificing an item to make it easier to get what you want, so we increased the number of charges after sacrificing an item by 40% (now 7 instead of 5).

Increased Likelihood of Having Three or Four Sockets

We want to increase the likelihood of having items with more than two sockets when getting items, but also when trying to modify the number of sockets through Enchantment.

Here are the changes we're making in Version 1.68:

  • 1 socket: 40% less likely to appear in 1.68
  • 2 sockets: 12% more likely to appear in 1.68
  • 3 sockets: 27% more likely to appear in 1.68
  • 4 sockets: 50% more likely to appear in 1.68

When modifying the number of sockets through Enchantment, items cannot get fewer sockets than they already had (no change in this respect in Version 1.68).

Increased Likelihood of Having a White Socket

White sockets offer great flexibility in choosing the bonuses and sublimations to assign to an item, but they must keep a high-enough rarity so as not to make optimizing items pointless.
We decided to increase the likelihood of getting them by 100%.


These changes will be available in Beta Version 1.68. We hope they will make Enchantment a little easier and optimizing your equipment a little more accessible.

We still occasionally see players wondering about the following points:

  • The presence of random mechanics in Enchantment
  • The reasons for having to sacrifice an identical item (rather than a generic resource)
  • The difficulty in optimizing equipment to its maximum
  • The Enchantment difficulty of an item of equipment proportional to its rarity

You can find our answers to these questions at the end of this article.

If there's still something you don't understand, please tell us so we can explain some more.

We'll continue to closely monitor your feedback on Enchantment, and where necessary, we're prepared to continue iterating this feature.

Category: Game design