For Update 1.67, we've decided to expand character customization by increasing the number of areas that can be recolored.

Players will be able to change the color of 9 separate areas:

  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Six parts of the player's clothing

Below are all the areas that can be recolored in 1.67 (shown in blue):

We're replacing the old color palette with a much more precise color chart that allows for 16 million different hues.

You'll be able to select a specific hue by entering its hexadecimal code.

(This image of the interface isn't final or representative of the final result. At the time of writing this article, we're still improving it.)

Characters' colors and gender will be reset when Update 1.67 goes live (before entering the game). Players will have the option to change the following areas for each of their characters:

  • Colors
  • hairstyle
  • Clothes
  • Gender

Characters' titles will be disabled during this transition; you'll be able to turn them back on in the game.

Feel free to share your feedback by leaving a comment below.

Category: Graphics