We recently announced a significant change to Boosters: a single Booster for €6 a month and €2 a week with all the benefits of the old God Booster. For Update 1.67, we also wanted to focus on the gaming experience for players who don't use Boosters. We think it's necessary to offer an optimal gaming experience for all our players so as to foster their loyalty and let them discover Wakfu in the best way possible.

Mount Zinit for All

We made the decision to make all zones accessible to all players.

You'll no longer need to have an active Booster to access certain areas of Mount Zinit.

We don't intend to add any other areas to the game that you'll need a Booster to access.

This change will take effect at the start of March, at the same time as the changes made to Boosters.

Interface Improvements and Elimination of the Highlighting of Boosters

In order to improve the gaming experience for players without Boosters, we've also tried to eliminate the highlighting of Boosters, which we deemed too intrusive.

We want to avoid making players without Boosters feel bad, while presenting the benefits they can provide at the right time and without insisting on getting one.

On the whole, we've removed any excessive highlighting of Boosters and their benefits, instead providing more discreet information that's better integrated into the game.

Booster Status Interface

The "Booster" button, its status and time left are no longer constantly displayed in the game; they are now displayed only in the character selection interface before entering the game.

For accounts without an active Booster:

For accounts with an active Booster:

Quest Reward Interface

The readability of the quest reward interface has been improved: Experience gains provided by Boosters are displayed in the same way as classic gains (they are merely grayed out if the account doesn't have an active Booster).

The highlighting of Boosters in this interface has been removed.

Booster Highlighting Interface

The Booster highlighting interface is no longer displayed in the following situations:

  • end of a fight;
  • entering the game;
  • when a pet dies;
  • after purchasing a Booster or after a Booster expires;
  • when opening the Heroes interface;
  • when opening the dungeon machine interface; and
  • when the maximum number of items on sale in the Marketplace is reached.

We've removed all messages highlighting the benefits of Boosters that required players to do something (e.g. close a window).

We hope these changes will help improve the gaming experience for everyone. Feel free to give us your feedback about this.

Category: Game design