In Update 1.67, we decided to give Haven Bags a new look and expand their possibilities. Feel free to come and beta-test these changes, and share your feedback in the forums.

New look

The old Haven Bags were just "floating in space" and didn't really reflect the basic concept of a Haven Bag: actually stepping into a bag!

We've completely changed their appearance so that you can finally feel like you're stepping into a real bag:
The different rooms are even marked out by seams:

The new Haven Bag entrance:

More room and a new way of managing Haven Gems

The size (number of cells) of Haven Gem rooms has been increased: a Haven Gem now gives you access to a 6x6 room (36 cells), versus 5x5 (25 cells) before.

The little translucent bridges between rooms have been removed in order to improve transitions between rooms (which are now marked by seams).

Managing Haven Gems is now simpler, as a single Haven Gem now gives you the maximum room size; it's no longer necessary (or possible) to combine two Haven Gems to get a bigger room.

Players who have two Haven Gems combined in version 1.66 will be able to remove one of them and trade or sell it in version 1.67.

The new Haven Gem management interface:

We have also added new Haven Gems which let you unlock new appearances for room floors:


Any good bag needs pockets, so now we're adding them to Haven Bags!

Pockets are specific unmodifiable rooms that players can unlock in-game for free by obtaining items. These rooms will generally have original themes, like a swimming pool or a casino.

To access these pockets, you'll just need to place the corresponding item in your Haven Bag, where it will act as a teleporter.

A little paddock for your mount

Your Haven Bag now contains a small paddock. When the owner enters the bag, their mount will be placed directly in the paddock.

This is a purely cosmetic feature.

Animated decors

You will now be able to place animated decor elements in your Haven Bag (and your Haven World).

We are planning to add about ten of these for the release of version 1.67.

For example, you'll be able to add a few different weather effects, like rain:


This curious name refers to a new feature that will allow you to choose the background music in your Haven Bag from among all the musical themes in the game.

This item now comes standard in all Haven Bags.

Only the owner of the Haven Bag can decide what music will be played inside.

Q & A

Are you planning to allow for multiple levels in Haven Bags?

We're not planning to do this for now. We've studied this possibility a number of times, but it would involve considerable changes to how Haven Bags work, and it would represent much too great an effort in terms of development time.

The Haven Bag pockets system is the alternative we've come up with. It doesn't give you the option to add more customizable space, but it required very little development time, and we think it's a reasonable compromise.

Do you plan to add other activities in Haven Bags (fighting monsters, etc.)?

We try to be very careful about the activities we make available in Haven Bags.

Our goal is to enable players to set up a personalized space, to have their own little bit of home in-game. But we want to avoid having players hole up in their Haven Bags for too long by adding too many time-consuming activities.

In a massively multiplayer game like Wakfu, it's important that players continue to cross paths and interact in open common areas.

So we're not planning to add additional Haven Bag activities that could isolate players from one another or compete too heavily with activities currently available in the non-instanced world.

Is the appearance of the Haven Bag interior now fully modifiable?

Room appearances can still be modified, of course, thanks to the decor elements you can place and the Haven Gems that change the appearance of the floors.

The appearance of the Haven Bag's border (decor elements outside of Haven Gems) cannot currently be modified, and this does not seem technically feasible to us for now.

Will it be possible to modify the appearance of the floor at the Haven Bag entrance?

The floor here will not be modifiable, but we have improved its appearance to be much more visually consistent with the rest of the Haven Bag.

Will new decor elements be added for Haven Bag interiors?

This is one of our next upcoming projects. We'd like to increase the number of decor elements you can acquire in-game and then place in your Haven Bags.
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