Throughout the updates, new items have been gradually added to the game, and it is becoming harder and harder for players to store them efficiently.

For this reason, for update 1.66 we decided to overhaul the chest feature of the Haven Bag in order to make storing items better and easier for all players (regardless of booster status).

One chest to store them all

Our goal is to offer a much more efficient and flexible storage system that allows you to stock many more items.

The current account chest (60 slots, for accounts with active boosters only) will be no more: the new version of the Haven Bag chest is replacing it.

The Haven Bag chest is an account chest, in other words it will be shared by all the characters on the account (to make transfers among them easier).
Its minimum capacity has been increased considerably, going from 14 slots to 3 tabs with 100 slots (for all accounts, booster or not).

The new Haven Bag chest works better. You can rename the tabs and organize them by color, their positions are interchangeable, and you can perform a search from inside a tab.


Additional tabs (having 100 slots) will be available for purchase in the store for 4,000 ogrines.(they will replace additional ikiakits).
These additional tabs will become permanently unlocked and do not depend on boosters.
The maximum number of tabs an account can have is currently 80 (this limit will increase in the long term).


  • All accounts that bought a booster between November 13, 2018, and December 10, 2019 (10:00 AM Paris time), will receive one extra tab for free when Version 1.66 is rolled out.
  • The Starter Pack will now include one extra tab (once the update is released).
  • The total number of slots in the Haven Bag chests of all characters on an account is being totaled during the transition:
    • If the number is less than or equal to 300 → the account will have 300 slots in its Haven Bag chest.
    • If the number is greater than 300 → the account will have a number of slots rounded up to the nearest hundred.
      • Example: 795 slots before Update 1.66 → 800 slots after Update 1.66.

Q & A

Why do away with the account chest?

The current account chest is only accessible to players who have a booster, and using it is particularly problematic when characters are no longer using a booster (they cannot use this storage space).

We don't want to force players to have to permanently use a booster just because they've become dependent on storage space. It's not an optimal feature for a free-to-play game where players are supposed to be able to play the game without having to constantly invest in services.

Why the need to go into the Haven Bag to access the chest?

We don't wish to offer players a portable inventory (that follows the character without constraint) of a potentially unlimited size; we consider that it would be too "powerful" of a monetized advantage.

There will be potentially unlimited storage space in the Haven Bag chest because the purchase of tabs is nearly unlimited (up to 60 tabs and this restriction will be increased in the long run).

We are willing to offer nearly unlimited storage capacity if it is not instantly accessible and without any constraints.

For these reasons, we have chosen to concentrate storage in the Haven Bag chest, which is not accessible from anywhere and requires a few seconds to access.

We believe these reasonable, minimum constraints are needed to draw a line between rapid, limited storage that can be accessed from anywhere (character inventories) and potentially unlimited storage with some constraints (Haven Bag chests).


Devblog Article Update

This article was updated on November 22, 2019.
We carefully read all the feedback from the community and decided to revise the compensation arrangements for characters who bought Ikiakits using ogrines or got them in the game.
These arrangements will be made available when version 1.66 is rolled out.

This article was updated on December 10, 2019.

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