For update 1.65, we've decided to improve how mount harnesses (now called "mount skins") work.

More Flexibility, More Possibilities

From now on, mount skins can be applied to any mount.
For example, you will be able to apply the Pack Leader skin to a Dragoturkey mount (rather than only being able to apply this skin to the Moowolf mount).

You will be able to assign a given mount skin to multiple different mounts.

This system means that with just one mount skin, you can apply it to multiple different mounts, allowing you to change mounts but keep your mount looking the same.

Miscellaneous Improvements

We have also made the following improvements:

  • When a mount skin is changed, you no longer need to unequip and then re-equip your mount in order for the new skin to be visible.
  • You can now change mounts without having to unequip the current mount.
  • You no longer need to have a permit in order to equip a mount. The quest to obtain a mount permit has been modified, and now only allows players to obtain a mount.


These modifications are retroactive. When update 1.65 is deployed, all former mount harnesses will be automatically transformed into mount skins that can be used on any mount in the game.

Certain harnesses worked on several different types of mounts, and could be used to achieve different appearances depending on the type of mount they were applied to.

For example: The Bontarian, Brakmarian, Amaknian and Sufokian harnesses, which could be applied to Dragoturkey, Dragosteed and Gobball War Chief mounts.

These harnesses will be automatically converted into 3 different mount skins.

Category: Game design