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After two years of involuntary confinement, Ankama can once again attend Japan Expo! And why not take advantage of this joyous occasion to pay us a little visit dressed as your favorite character? Give it your best shot because your cosplay could earn you some nice rewards… 

If you ask a Twelvian what their ultimate dream is, they'll almost always say "to fly". There's no doubt that flying is a beautiful thing – like, soaring so high you can touch birds' wings. But more importantly, like, being safe from tofu guano strikes. And WHAM! That'll shut their beaks.

WHOOSH! Time to step through a new portal – wait! what am I saying? a new GATE! – and unveil the name of our new game along with its first trailer and the possibility of giving it a try. Three little steps for Oropo, but a huge leap for the Krosmoz…

After being gone for 2 years, Japan Expo will return from July 14 to July 17. Can you guess who'll be there?

From Friday, June 3 to Friday, June 17, the trools will be making a ruckus – and they've invited you to a verbal joust of troolish punchlines! Join this delightfully irreverent contest to try and score prizes and leave your mark on the game!

Amazing and astounding, no? But that's not all… In less than two weeks, the launch offer will… disappear!

Adventurers of the World of Twelve, get ready: the beta server has been updated and is opening up for new adventures! The test version of WAKFU version 1.76, New Horizons, is now available! So what are you waiting for? Get in there and start exploring!

For this new contest, we won't be asking you to use your imagination as usual… because this time, it's your pet's turn (whether in-game or real-life). When it comes to annoying behavior, we all know how creative our furry and feathered friends can be… But we also know that one way or another, the bill always comes due. And these pets have got a lot to answer for!

It's the event many Twelvians have been waiting for! On Monday, May 30, starting at 5:00 p.m. (Paris time), Siu (Game Designer) and Koko (Community Manager) Jr. (Game Designer) will see you on the AnkamaLive Twitch channel to present the contents of the upcoming WAKFU 1.76 update and answer your questions!

Ever since Ankama Launcher arrived in your little slice of digital krosmic space, we've been adding new options to help make your gaming experience even better.

This article contains information to help you improve your client's performance for the WAKFU game.

You recently saw prices drop temporarily on our pet skins and mount skins. Good news: this deal is over! Why is that a good thing? Because the reduced price is now permanent! That's right, skins will continue to cost 2,000 ogrines!

Dearest Twelvians (and other questionable characters in the World of Twelve), the final round of the World's greatest fashion and beauty competition is upon us! Don't wait – review the finest specimens each nation has to offer and elect the ones who deserve the coveted titles of Miss and Mister World of Twelve!

An adventurer with a spine of steel deserves an outfit and a mount skin to match. Luckily, the Metallic Retro Pack has exactly what you need. Hurry up and grab it while you can!

We've said it so often, you probably know the tune by heart: if you want to make your voice heard, you'll need to tend to your appearance too! Choosing the Bard Costume is a great way to make sure your style hits all the right notes.

The space-technology adventure that is Super Nano Blaster will soon turn a corner. Starting from Tuesday, May 3, players can cruise the game's retro universe aboard their ships on Steam, the online content distribution platform!

Looking back through history at our special offers on Boosters, each one has definitely earned its place in the Krosmoz Book of Records (which also lists any number of Iop exploits, and of course that one haircut of yours from back in middle school). But none can prepare you for our four new offers that will knock you right on your mullet!

Our recent pet skins offer gave you a chance to adopt an adorable pet at a reduced price. Good news: Now our mount skins will be getting their chance to shine, with a price that's as lovable as a cute and cuddly Dauge!

Attention all Twelvians! Your hosts Genki, Koko, Lyafar and Xai cordially invite you to the thrilling and utterly fashionable Miss and Mr. World of Twelve event! Wrap yourself in your finest fabrics and put on your most attractive headwear, because this event is no friendly stroll through the mall. The competition in the merciless world of beauty and fashion is just getting started! 

In honor of Fairy Lax Day, which commemorates… Huh? You… you don't know what Fairy Lax Day is? Sounds like a little reminder is in order! And once you're up to speed, you can fully enjoy the 25% bonus on profession XP for all of next week!

First it was chocolate Fleaster eggs falling from the sky, and now wodents are popping out of top hats! Inspired by the World of Twelve's greatest magic tricks, this emote should open plenty of doors for you… Or at least the doors to local taverns and the party room at the community center. Still, not bad, right?

Update 1.75 has been online for a few weeks now, and we'd like your opinion on it.

A couple days before Fleaster, the entire World of Twelve seems to take on a different flavor. Everything looks more appetizing, even your great-aunt's oatmeal raisin cookies… And you want nothing more than to take a big bite out of life. Why not start with a mouthful of the Chocopack, which has all the ingredients you need for a proper adventure!

Meylon Moosk is at it again! The Huppermage druid has more to say about his mikrosmowave oven. Care for a slice of demon topped with destroyer sauce?
Take advantage of our launch offer through Wednesday, April 20! It's not just a good idea, it's the law! (Or possibly a divine imperative… pretty sure it's one of those two.)