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This week’s Dev Hour features Game-Designer Desty.

Desty is a young man with a secret… who hides in the shadows. He wears black clothes, has extremely long hair… and lives in a dark, secluded place, where everything is black but for a single lonely Xbox.

Where others would have a video game or card collection, he has a series of dolls… He lives surrounded by hundreds of these strange and exotic dolls

Figures… Well. We shouldn’t be too fast at dismissing the games… He did get a degree in “Game Design and Video Game Production Management” after all! Have to admit, that’s one class you’d be happy to wake up in the morning for.

Click here to read Desty's "The Illusionist" post

  Today on the devblog, Zeorus deciphers Tonio’s ramblings and clarifies the new Ecosystem rules. Monster Cultures, Clan Member wills, natural events... all this and more on the devblog! Click here to read Zeorus' article  

  Starting next week, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of the most mysterious of all creatures, the ones you feel all around you, but that you never see… the devs! Their utmost fantasies… their vision for the game, insights into their working habits and sometimes sanity level. And of course, a glance at their more recent work!  All you wanted to know but what afraid to ask! Coming to you next week!


Stay aware and watch your behind! Our new comer on is neither nice nor friendly! If you leave your pouches unattended, be sure that he'll steal them before you even realize it! You guessed it right. It's him. He's back. As great, and as strong as ever, the terrible Sram turns up on, at the latest stage of his diabolical evolution!  

  It’s been a while since you last heard anything about Ogrines, but don’t worry, their development is still in progress and their arrival is imminent! Here’s the dead giveaway: Lotomaï is back on the Ogrines Blog ready to answer any burning questions you might have! Read the new post on the Ogrines Blog.

Online game Wakfu Beta - Patch 0,211 Info - February 23, 2010
Wakfu Beta Patch 0.211 will be online Wednesday, February 24, 2010. You can read the Patchnote on the forums, and download the client the usual way! For those of you who do not have access to the closed beta, you should check out our writing Contest! Maybe, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll gain entry! =) Happy Gaming!  
Remember St. Ballotwine? There was a time when just hearing the name gave people a rash… a weird, pink one, at that! Although historians have lost all trace of the actual facts behind the legend, on that special day a few traditions remain.  Something about the color pink… hearts… and enflamed declarations to the ones we love. To help you rekindle the flame of old times past, this weekend of Flovor 14th, the CUGAA (Commitee for the Unification of Governments of the Amaknan Archipelago) is offering St. Ballotwine Chocolates to all its World of Twelve citizens! An ideal gift to say how you feel to the one you love or to win over that special someone. Happy St. Ballotwine day!

... in a symphony of chaos! With St. Ballotwine just around the corner, it’s the perfect occasion to show your devoutness and admiration to those fearsome creatures that make order and justice reign as sovereigns on the devastated planes of Ankama – who else but our beloved Clan Members!     Time to bring out your most beautiful, magical, fountain pen! The most romantic, poetic, moving, or even funny of you, will get rewarded for showing such depth and devotion.

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010, there will be a special maintenance period for all Ankama sites in addition to the weekly DOFUS service update.

All sites, games and mobile Ankama applications will be unavailable from 7:00 AM GMT+1 until 9:00 AM GMT+1.

This service period will allow for an update of our databases and core code of our servers to improve their function and to prepare for the arrival of new features.

Thank you in advance for your patience!
Online game AC#5 : Ticket Office opens! Info - February 08, 2010

The Ankama Convention #5 Ticket Office is now open! This year, Count Harebourg invites you to a very frosty AC#5, 17 - 18 April in Paris…  and to discover the new extension - FRIGOST! Book one of three Passes available on Ankama Shop now:
- Premium Pass (5,000 copies available) - take part in both days of the convention and get a bag of collector’s goodies.
- Day Pass - enjoy AC #5 on the day of your choice.
- Accompanying Pass - for those who simply want to accompany their children. For each Day Pass or Premium Pass reserved, you’ll receive your choice of one of the following two pets: the Snow Bow Meow (DOFUS 2.0) or Walk (DOFUS 2.0 and 1.29). Check out the bag of collector’s goodies provided with the Premium Pass: A Snow Bow Meow soft toy, a Goultard phone strap, a Frigost mini-artbook... and plenty of other surprises to come! Brrrrr...! Sends a shiver down your spine, right? And this is only a taste of the frosty atmosphere that will descend on Paris, April 17 - 18... Find out more on the official Ankama Convention #5 website.

For ten days now, the Wakfu Beta’s doors have been closed. To be part of this tester elite, you needed at least one character on your account the day patch 0.210 went online. Unfortunately, some beta-testers who hadn’t played recently or deleted their characters were left out. Attracted by the massive content of the last update, some of these beta testers found themselves confronted by the Closed Beta sign: "You shall not pass!" The devs, moved by the plight of these followers, used their powers and transcended time to find the identity of the lost testers.

The laws of physics were broken and an additional 850 accounts were added to the Closed Beta. Everyone who had played at least once since December could now find their way back to Amakna.   

Check your emails, you never know, you might be one of the chosen few!

Online game Wakfu Beta Patch 0,210 Info - January 21, 2010

  Wakfu Beta 0,210 will soon be online! Remember that, as of today, the Wakfu Beta is a closed beta. Lots of modifications and additions have been made to the game, you can read about them in the Patch Note! Happy Gaming!

The beta’s doors will be closed to new players as of Wednesday January 20, 2010. At this stage, it is difficult for new players not familiar with the DOFUS/Wakfu universe to grasp the final concepts of the game and have a global idea of what the game will be like in its final stages. That is why we decided to close the doors of the beta for the time being, until the game lives up to its reputation! But you need not worry we will not block the current Wakfu community! Those of you who have been with us since the beginning, who have been with us through the ups and downs – you are more than ever welcome ingame! You will still be able to connect to Wakfu after Patch 0,210 on January 20th if you have an active character today.   Our desire to build a game for you and with you hasn’t changed! We will endeavor to work with you in that aspect and will continue on to collect your feedback and impressions on the game’s evolution.
Online game Wakfusians, Merry Kwismas! Info - December 22, 2009

Just as everyone is wrapping up the last few presents and enjoying the holiday season with their family, Kwismas is arriving on Wakfu's shores. We wish you a very merry Kwismas and invite you to visit the Amaknan Archipelago starting December 25, where awesome presents will be waiting for you!  

We’d like to introduce you to Tofrazzle and Sting, and you can find out more about all of the new subscription options here! Tofrazzle comes with every 3 month subscription. Tofrazzle was struck by lightning 11 times while she was growing up. She'll give you an electric shock if you stroke her, and she'll give you an electric shock if you don't stroke her. It's up to you to choose. This soul eater detests rats, and will jump at the chance to eat them if they're available. Tofrazzle will give you +10 damage.   For a 1 year subscription, you can choose Sting. Sting the Prespic loves artichoke hearts smothered in Bherb Blood, endives with Pikoko Hair, and the songs of Jon Lemon. He seems to enjoy your company as well. This soul eater is quite fussy about the creatures he eats, however, and only likes the taste of creatures from the Dark Jungle. He’ll give you + 80 prospecting.

Do you remember those silhouettes? You would have seen them on the old website... They’re the new subscription pets. As promised, they arrive on December 15th! Have fun guessing what these new pets’ characteristics could be... You’ve got the weekend to think about it... These 4 new subscription pets will be fully revealed early next week! Have a good weekend!

From November 17 to 30, the servers shook with the explosions of Sauroshells during the "Grozilla and Grasmera: Invasion of the Sauroshells” event, while from November 27 to 30 it was the DOFUS 2.0 test server that hosted the first ever "Dungeon Races” event. Both events were completed at the same time, and the results also come together! Grozilla and Grasmera: Invasion of the Sauroshells At the end of a spate of unending battles, you succeeded! Huge explosive shells have stopped popping up while Grozilla and Grasmera - two mighty dragons who were thoroughly beaten down by the most intense warriors Amakna had to offer - threw themselves into the sea and vanished beneath the surface. Good riddance! Many congratulations to the players on Shika, who were the first to spawn Grozilla and Grasmera, and then defeat them! Check out the complete list of 22 servers who defeated Grozilla and Grasmera at least once! Click here. Shika wins a weekend where experience and loot will be multiplied by 2.
Rushu and Rykke-Errel win a weekend where experience will be multiplied by 2.
Djaul and Jiva win a weekend where experience will be multiplied by 1.5.
All 22 servers win a weekend of free, unlimited access to the Dreggon Dungeon. The date of the weekend will be determined by the results of the following poll: click here. All players who recovered an Eggshell or an Enormous Fang (and there are plenty of you!) will be able to exchange these items for their individual reward from an NPC that will appear at the site of the fountain in the destroyed village on the Dreggon Peninsula (coordinates [-4, 25]) after the 1.29.1 patch on DOFUS 1.29 servers. Dungeon Races on the DOFUS 2.0 test servers: All players listed below will receive a gift on the day DOFUS 1.29.1 goes live. They will be able to give this prize to a character on a DOFUS 1.29 server or on a DOFUS 2.0 server, according to their preference!
Players who made the shortlist for several dungeons will receive multiple copies of the reward! The reward is a follows:

  • A Sting Pet!
  • A selection of very rare hats so you can look beautiful in DOFUS 2.0 (Pepitoo’s Sombrero, Goultard's Headgear, Galgarion's Helmet).
  • A candy giving +100 Wisdom.
  • A candy giving +100 Prospecting.
Bravo, everyone! See the list of winners on the forums: click here!
Jeu en ligne DOFUS 2.0 has launched! Info - December 02, 2009

Well, here we are at last! We have all been waiting expectantly for Wednesday, December 2, 2009, players and developers alike... DOFUS 2.0 has arrived! Head over to the new server that has been opened for the occasion - Zatoïshwan - where you’ll be able to rediscover the World of Twelve and create a brand new character! As was announced on Monday, and like many of you wanted, you can still play on DOFUS 1.29 and level up your characters there. Eventually we will encourage you to join 2.0 with your existing characters. In the meantime, take the opportunity to play both versions at the same time! Download DOFUS 2.0

Jeu en ligne New Server for DOFUS 2.0 Info - December 01, 2009
The DOFUS 2.0 adventure begins tomorrow! The much-awaited update is about to be revealed, and it’s up to you to seize the new World of 12! That’s why we’ve made an appointment for you on the new server arranged for the English-speaking community: Zatoïshwan! For the very first time, we are opening new DOFUS 2.0 servers! However, new-server tradition must be respected! Experience and item drop rates will be doubled for the new server’s first two weeks. Meet back here on Wednesday, December 2nd at 10:00 am (DOFUS time) to introduce yourself to Zatoïshwan, create new characters, meet up with your friends, and be the first to install DOFUS 2.0!

Let’s use the opening of the server to review the history of the NPC it was named after: An incorrigible gambler, a rare thing for the Pandawa race, and also blind, Zatoïshwan possessed such a reputation that even the biggest disciples of Ecaflip feared him. Struck by lightning one day, he was given a revelation by the Goddess Pandawa: he could control the ancestral art of Pandawushu. For a while, he was a righter of wrongs, but he eventually reverted and became the most-wanted robber we know today. For NL community only : meet your community on Aermyne server!

DOFUS 1.29 + DOFUS 2.0 First things first, welcome to the new DOFUS community site! As the title of this news might suggest, we have a very important announcement to make! On December 2, DOFUS 2.0 was supposed to replace the current version of DOFUS. However, we feel that version 2.0 is not yet ready and that it is too early to completely migrate the community over to it. As such, we have decided to leave 1.29 playable and open to everyone, and to launch 2.0 in parallel. How will that work?
We will officially launch DOFUS 2.0 the morning of 2 December, as planned, but only on new servers that will have doubled XP and drops for 2 weeks. You will be able to play DOFUS 1.29 and DOFUS 2.0 with the same account.

Then what? Don’t worry! DOFUS 2.0 is progressing rapidly, and performance is improving every day. The entire team is working extremely hard make this first version a success that will appeal to everyone. We are doing everything we can to achieve that goal! From December 2 you'll be able to move in to DOFUS 2.0 on new servers with new characters, when you want, without any obligation. Then, when everything is in order, we will encourage you to join DOFUS 2.0, with new features and new content - of which Frigost forms a part - currently being created. These last minute changes have, of course, led to other changes. Services related to Ogrines have been pushed back because they mainly concerned characters migrating from DOFUS to DOFUS 2.0. Ogrines have been pushed back a little, and we’ll talk more about them soon. The Premium House will only be present on DOFUS 2.0. Mea culpa
Now, on behalf of Ankama, I would like to apologize for these last minute changes and the stress that our initial decision must have caused many of you as the release date approaches. Today, the proposed solution should - we hope - keep everyone happy. Those of you who want to continue playing 1.29 and move smoothly on to DOFUS 2.0 later, those of you who love DOFUS 2.0 and want to have the opportunity to discover all-new, unexplored servers where former DOFUS players can meet up with current players and newcomers. This solution should also fully satisfy Ankama’s DOFUS team who will have the opportunity to evolve and improve DOFUS 2.0 week after week and calmly prepare long-awaited new content! The dates and key stages to come: December 2: Launch of a new server: Zatoïshwan

December 15: 4 new subscription pets on DOFUS 1 and DOFUS 2.0

See you soon and thanks in advance for your understanding! Manu Emmanuel DARRAS, Co-Founder of Ankama

Here we go! You can start burning through the dungeon of your choice (out of the 18 chosen for this event) on the DOFUS 2.0 beta test server! Give it your best and perhaps you can be one of the 136 competition champions and win a cuddly Sting pet, three very rare hats, and candies that give a serious bonus! Learn more about the competition...

An unscheduled maintenance to improve our network performance will take place this Friday, November 27th, from 7h30 am to 8h30 am. All Ankama sites will be offline and the following games will be unavailable: DOFUS, Wakfu, Wakfu Guardians and Dofus-Arena. Please excuse us for any inconvenience.

On Wednesday 2 December comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for, as if you needed reminding! The release of DOFUS 2.0, the largest update DOFUS has ever seen… …and with it comes a bunch of surprises! What? There’s new content too? Of course! Find out more about it here…

On Wednesday 2 December comes the moment you’ve all been waiting for, as if you needed reminding! The release of DOFUS 2.0, the largest update DOFUS has ever seen… …and with it comes a bunch of surprises! What? There’s new content too? Of course! Find out more about it here…