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Walk in the footsteps of the World of Twelve's next great hero! From an animated series and webtoon to a figurine, a new character class in DOFUS, and all-new creatures and areas in WAKFU, DOFUS Touch, and WAVEN, this grizzled old warrior will soon be everywhere…

Online game Have a Picnic Emote Shop - August 25, 2022

It's another day of grueling adventure – hunger is gnawing at you, and tiredness is overwhelming you. Why don't you just sit there, surrounded by nature, and enjoy a nice snack amid the birdsong? The Have a Picnic emote lets you do just that! (We've even put some cawwot sticks in there for you. Isn't that thoughtful?)

An all-new beta version of WAKFU is ready for you to test from top to bottom, inside and out. Adventurers of the World of Twelve, version 1.77 is available for download from Ankama Launcher, and we're here to tell you all about its content…

Online game Surf Run: The New Wave Shop - August 18, 2022

A new run just washed up on your vacation beach. It offers new sensations and will make you feel like a snapper riding a mega wave. It's pure adrenaline!

Online game Musketeer Pack Shop - August 11, 2022

Are bravery, justice, courtesy, and a hatred of moskitos some of the values you hold most dear? If so, you certainly have the soul of a "Moskiteer". Which is reason enough to acquire the Musketeer Pack! Need another reason? The costume oozes class and the mount skin does not ooze anything, thankfully.

Update New Horizons has been online for a few weeks now, and we'd like your opinion on it.

It's getting hot out! Very hot! Prices are melting like ice cream in the sun in the WAKFU Shop. So, adjust your goggles, pull up your swim trunks, and dive into the water before you miss the wave!

Online game Petrifying Costume Shop - July 28, 2022

Inspired by an ancestral creature that once lived in the Shustuft Crust, this costume is sure to rock your enemies. And that is a good thing, of course!

From Friday, July 29 to Monday, August 1, take part in the Twitch Drops campaigns for the launch of the New Horizons update to receive exclusive items in WAKFU!

Hear ye, hear ye! The original soundtrack of the first three seasons composed by Guillaume Houzé is now available on many music streaming platforms – just waiting to be listened to on repeat!

Make your mark and drive away evil spirits – that's what the Kitsoune Pack promises to help you do with its costume and pet. Get ready to send the Yokai and other ghast threats back to their graves!

When we adopt a baby animal, whether it's one with fur, feather or fangs, we do our best not to think about the day it will head out into the world on its own. But one way or another, that day always comes. DOFUS Pets, the free-to-play mobile game from Ankama, is leaving the nest.

The rollout of the New Horizons update was difficult for you and for us, but we want to continue our voyage towards the promised new adventures. This article takes a look at what went down on Tuesday and Wednesday and covers the planned compensation.

The weekend of July 14-17 will be marked by our reunion with Japan… and you! Head to hall 5A, stand F229…

Set out to explore an array of new features with WAKFU Update 1.76, known as New Horizons and now available for download!

The World of Twelve is beginning a new chapter. How the story unfolds will depend on your heroic deeds…

Don't choose between wisdom and madness, when you can have both! With the Qilby Pack, you'll assert your style and nobody will question it. Out of respect, maybe. Out of fear, definitely.

We heard your feedback! Build pages (Spells, Abilities, and Equipment pages) are expanding to allow for greater customization in optimizing your characters. With the New Horizons update (1.76), every adventurer will automatically receive 10 free pages on their account. Meanwhile, the maximum number of pages you can have will increase to 25!

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

Think you know everything about the first few Ultimate Bosses of the WAKFU era? Wait till you see what they have in store for you in Update 1.76New Horizons! Take part in a new Ultimate Boss hunt for a chance to score prizes that'll make you the envy of other adventurers wherever you go!

The World of Twelve is about to change. The next update for WAKFU, New Horizons, will rewrite the epic tale you know and love! Get ready for the rebirth of this heroic saga, and dive back into varied content and new features…

After many years of faithful service, the .zip version of the client is saying goodbye, along with the identification fields on the login screen…

On the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th of July 2022, Ankama and the WAKFU team are invited to the four-day Japan Expo in Paris. To mark the occasion, we invite you to the event to experience an amazing new adventure!

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

Hear that bellowing sound echoing through the rivers and mountains? It's singing (or possibly screaming) coming from WAKFU, audible as far as the Sureberry Fields! Tune your instruments, warm up your pipes, and assemble your busking troupe, because it's gonna be poppin' like your eardrums: the musical event of the year kicks off with a bang!