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Want to take part in a new inter-server tournament organized by players from the community? Then round up your comrades-in-arms and prepare to unleash the elements!

We've made accessing your account more secure. This change will be practically seamless for you.

Do you enjoy changing the skins on your mounts? Well, if you like pimping your ride, you're going to love primping your pets! A brand-new cosmetic item is now available in the WAKFU Shop!

The sun has just set... Another beautiful day! Guess who just showed up? It's the Costume of the Setting Sun, the perfect costume for spring! So why wait?

Saint Potrick is back, and so are certain items! A worthy addition to the family of items and packs back from the past, the Vintage Vantage Pack contains everything you need to celebrate the goddess Pandawa's day in style!
Online game Explorer Pack Shop - March 16, 2021

Don't listen to haters who say that curiosity is a nasty flaw! No curiosity means no discoveries! Are you the curious type, always poking your nose into something, ears open, and always on the lookout? If so, the Explorer Pack is made for you!

Update 1.71 is online! Find out now what it has in store for you!

Often in life, there's no point in running around. You need to sleep deeply! At least, that's what the Eniripsa Order recommends. Far be it from us to contradict them. Time to slip into a Pajama Costume, grab your blankie, and sleeeeeeeeep. Zzzzzz… Shhhhh…

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Freer and more independent than ever… Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items from "packs of the past" and are offering you them for sale individually and permanently!

Your MMO will be celebrating its birthday on February 29! Now you're thinking: "Oh, no! There's no February 29 this year! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?? WHAT WILL BECOME OF US?" Calm down. Take a deep breath. With the help of the god Xelor, we've got it covered and we even have a gift for you…
Online game Boss Smasher: Royal Moogrr Event - February 26, 2021

We really, really hope ruffling the feathers of the Royal Piwi didn't turn you off Boss Smashers, because we're counting on you to keep going! This time, we're putting you out to pasture with the Royal Moogrr! What's that? You're scared? Moooo-no!

The Krosmoz is the harmonious alliance between Wakfu and Stasis, two radically opposing but inextricably linked energies. Creation is nothing without destruction and vice-versa. You probably saw the Wakfu Wing Run fly by recently. How about letting yourself be tempted by its slightly darker peer, the Stasis Wing Run?

In times like these, you'd best cover up before going outside! Ankama is thinking of you, your health, and your style too, so we're bringing out three packs of two masks* (Category 1) each, all in the colors of the World of Twelve! So…? Team Pets? Team Bonta vs. Brakmar? Or team Elegance? Now you just have to choose (to get them all)!

The Too Faux Karnaval has been in full swing for two days! You can do whatever you like behind your boowolf mask! Because who will ever guess who you really are? Don't miss the opportunity to go wild! Go ahead! You know you really want the Karnaval and the Carnival-Goer costumes, which are back in the shop! 

It's almost time to celebrate Love with a capital L. Forget those traditional sappy poems and bouquets of prickly roses. This year, show your love for them (or yourself) with the Flying Carpet Mount and the Draw a Heart Emote!

The winter sales are on their last lap!* Zooming down the black-diamond slopes, they won't let any prices get in their way… Hurry up and take advantage before they cross the finish line!

Father Kwismas is still out for the count* after all his efforts and already the Spring Has Sprung celebrations are revving up. Only Magus Ax can explain this quirk of the Krosmic calendar, but that doesn't seem to put a damper on your primitive need to celebrate. Jaunty gents, the lot of you!*

They started off slow, but now they're keen to take on the more advanced slope! The winter sales in the Ankama* Shop have reached their second mark-down!  

Online game Boss Smasher: Royal Piwi Event - January 29, 2021

With a fowl like this, flapping your wings and preening won't help – you'll need to use your fists! It's time to ruffle the Royal Piwi's feathers! To do so, head to his dungeon from Monday, February 1 through Sunday, February 28.

A little beta still hot from our ovens is waiting for you in the game. What are you waiting for? Take a bite now!

The clothes don't make the man… or so the saying goes. But let's be honest… they do make the adventurer! Would you really have quite the same charm dressed in a bathrobe with a funnel on your head? Right, that's what we thought! So if your current suit of armor no longer suits you, why not suit up in something from our classic collections?

The Beta 1.71 is coming! Before you rush in head first, join us for a live show about it. See you tomorrow on our Twitch channel, and the day after tomorrow for the official release of this new beta!

Online game 25% Off Services! Shop - January 23, 2021
As part of the winter sale, from Saturday, January 23 through Sunday, January 24, all services available in the online store will be 25% off! If you're bold enough, seize the chance to start anew!

They're the icing on the humble pie. The grand finale. The coup de grâce… sometimes delivered gracefully, other times not so much. Yeah, you know what we're talking about… Finishers, of course! Have you let a few of them get past you? Well, now they're coming back for your in-game pleasure (and to your opponents' chagrin)!