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The new characters of WAKFU are on their way… Not only do they get the cover of the magazine, but they also decided to completely invade the WAKFU Mag #2. Have a look…

We swear, this podcast was full of spoilers when we put it in the freezer on Tuesday night.... but when we pulled it out today, there was only a little bit of spoilery goodness left clinging to the saran wrap... Stupid devblog, stop raiding our spoiler pantry!

Foggernauts just emerged and assaulted HQs and villages without warning. If nobody drives them off, they might take over the World of Twelve in a few hours! Watch the video of their surprise attack and be the first to face them on land and see. It’s time to fight back!

As we announced a few days ago, the next expansion for our MMORPGs DOFUS and WAKFU is called Krosmaster Arena! To learn the rules of this tactical mini-game, we decided to make small videos that summarize all that you need to know to become a real champion of the Arenas!

You already know about the Protectors of the months. You’re also aware of the Deamons of the Hours…  What you didn’t know, is that days also have their benefactors! From September 18, discover the Meridia, and if you accomplish all the challenges of these minor divinities, available on the Almanax, you might be rewarded with the first ever mount in WAKFU!

We're not going to lie, this is probably the best episode of this podcast of the summer. Possibly ever. Ok, we might be exaggerating just a hint, but it's still really good. Like.. top 10, absolutely. Well, top 20, surely. Look, there's only been 37 episodes, it must be in the top 30, right? Err, ummm, it wasn't... that bad? It's... it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! Arguably...

This second edition of the Monster Mash will be dark, very dark. The Chafers are the clear winners. Prepare to face them this Wednesday!

We are honored and excited to present something new in this week's podcast... our first ever PLAYER EPIC NPC THEATER! You'll definitely want to listen in to find out who's performing this week. It could be you up on the stage next week, if you think your acting chops are strong enough!

Rejoice and celebrate, the Monster Mash is back! Vote for the family of monsters you’d like to fight, and ready your weapons for a night of fun and slaughter!

Size really doesn’t matter! This saying saved many egos and is more than ever proven right with the new expansion common to both DOFUS and WAKFU that will emphasize figurines fights! With Krosmaster Arena, competition will reach a complete new level at the end of 2012!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to bring down an Ultimate Boss? Prove it! Be the first to take one of them out, and fortune and glory will be yours!

Online game Questing for Bosses Info - August 07, 2012

An innovative quest system to improve exploration and the arrival of the long awaited Ultimate Bosses: this is just a part of the content that this new Update has to offer, and of which we now offer you a preview in video!

CAUTION: This week's podcast may cause deleterious effects in the minds of the sane and rational. We recommend not listening to this podcast while out of range of medical assistance or while operating heavy machinery. Approved for all mental patients of legal age. Ankama takes no responsibility for any unintended side effects on healthy brains exposed to Inside Ankama On Air Episode 35.

Discover the first part of the changelog of our newest WAKFU Update: Questing for Bosses, released on August 7th!

WAKFU will be updated next week. In the menu: heavy stuff (Ultimate Bosses), balanced things (Classes) and healthy details (Quest system).

Online game News about PvP Info - July 30, 2012

During next update, alongside the class changes that were already announced last week, we will implement improvements on PvP. Our Lead Game Designer, Azael, tells you everything you want to know about these changes.

Hello again people with ears! Episode 34 of Inside Ankama is here to help you fill those long weekend hours with laughter and games. And you could be a part of our next episode! Read on to find out how...

For the last part of our Rebalancing Week, we now reveal the changes applied to the Feca, Eniripsa and Xelor.

Third part of our Rebalancing week, today we reveal the changes for Iops, Pandawas, Rogues and Srams.

Online game Haven-Bag discount! Info - July 25, 2012

Show your Haven-Bag and let everyone know who you are. Create a Haven-Bag reflecting the inner you and impress your Guild mates. This week, 50% off all Haven-Bag items in the WAKFU shop!

Second part of our Rebalancing week, we now focus on the Sacrier, the Sadida and the Cra.

You want to stay aware of all the latest election results, law changes or next candidates for governor, all of that without having to log into the game? It’s possible!

If there is one subject that has been highly expected these days, it has got to be class rebalancing! During the next days we will provide you with information on this topic. Each day we will unveil an additional part of the changes applied to the 13 classes of WAKFU.

Online game New Quest System Info - July 19, 2012

For the next update, we're preparing a new system that will make quests clearer and - even better! - more varied for the players. Find out all the details in this devblog!