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They beat him, beat him, beat him up again. And he likes that! Indeed, who wouldn’t like to be hit if that could give you superhuman strength? Anyway, the Sacrier loves that and he shows it on! Discover without further delay the new look of our handsome tattooed hero!

No one can resist her sweet Words and her disciples pray not to hear any of her hurtful Words… The most beautiful of all winged creatures of Wakfu gracefully steps in the World under the spotlights of!
Discover (all over again) the charming face of Eniripsa!You can also keep her magically delicious image with you by downloading the Eniripsa wallpaper.Those creatures only have one wing and though they do not turn romantic Iops’ heads they are still extremely charismatic characters! Whether they flit about, dig or burn, Whirligigs are here to your greatest joy! This enchanting update is not over yet! Let the brand new Wakfu melodies overwhelm you! Will your good ear help you guess what the musical themes correspond to?
Everyone thought that he was already at the last stage of his reverse-evolution, but he wasn’t! The Iop, eternal terror of the Gobball, is back! More athletic, stronger, classier and just a little less stubborn, he’s ready to let his power rush into the world of Wakfu!
Discover his new look and spells on!The lovers of his destructive aura will appreciate to have him by their side. All you need to do is download the wallpaper in his image!!!Finally, check out the Sadida Spells!
Online game The Beauty and the Tofu Info - April 10, 2007
She’s a star among the stars and you’ve all been waiting for her… Rub your eyes, open them, and here’s your dream coming true! Give a standing ovation to our Miss Amakna: the Sadidette is finally on!And if you want to stick to her, if you don't want to have to let her go … ever, you’ll also find a new wallpaper in her image to brighten your days and your desktop!!!The rule being that good things come in twos, the Sadidette also came along with other famous creatures. She’s closely followed by the Amakna's idols. Can you guess who? We're obviously talking about the charming, little peeping darlings … the brand new Tofus!

More novelties on! We're keeping up our promises and we’ll be revealing some new Wakfu contents to you every fortnight!

Jeu en ligne is online! Info - March 01, 2007
You’ve been waiting for it, polishing your PC while thinking about how great this would be? Well, time has come for you to discover what we've been cooking up! Take your grooviest mouse out and be ready to click! The Ankama Games Team is proud to present you the Wakfu Website!