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This week’s dev hour features animator Milkah. Discover the persona, get a glimpse of his imaginary world… and learn about the arcane art of animation, with a visual presentation of the first few steps! Click here to read Milkah’s dev hour post!

Wakfu v0.215 will be online on Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

Curious about what the new Osamodas are like? Wonder just how the ecoystem has changed? 

Read the Patch Note to find out!

Happy Gaming!

This week’s dev hour features Level Builder, BenK.

Here’s an excerpt from his post: “Have you ever heard of Toh Lo? Does the name ring a bell? What if I told you that he was an incredibly powerful Osamodas that was beaten to a pulp by Ogrest, a long long time ago… does that jog your memory?” Click here to read more of BenK's post!

In today’s dev hour, Jonat talks to you about man’s best friend... the Gemlin! Find out how Gemlingems come to be and what the future holds in store for them!! Maybe... you'll even recognize a familiar creature...? Click here to read Jonat’s post!  

The censorship committee has taken hold of the dev hour – some information has been swallowed up, but don’t worry – you’ll still get a feast for the eyes!

Click here to read this week’s dev hour post!

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“ Roses are red
Violets are blue
I killed 1000 gobballs
To make a hat for you :) ”

The winners are in for the writing contest! Chosen for their originality, poetic skill or daring humour, they are:

MissFire, Awerabcawer, SweetSister

Also, a special mention was given to Cyberforce-tg for his valiant effort in the “roses are red” poem that charmed every single one of the judges!

Congratulations to all of you!

On this week’s Dev Hour, Game-Designer Tonio talks to you about the hottest addition coming with the next patch - the Pandawas!

And yes, if you haven’t read the dev hour 6 already, our beloved furry friends will soon land in the World of Twelve!

Click here to get a preview of the Pandawa class and read about their spells and general tactics.

Wakfu v0.213 will be online on Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

Pandawas have finally made a comeback! Discover them all over again in the new Incarnam area where the Kano Master, Chauchanne and Gargawolf are waiting for you!  
Click here to read the patch note!

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Frigost and its icy plains…. Frigost and the terrible Count Harebourg… Frigost and its mysterious legend… For weeks, this island has stirred up the curiosity of all the adventurers in the World of Twelve, and rumors are spreading like wildfire! Some even speak of the presence of a Dofus… While waiting test your mettle against the hostile environment of this frozen continent, you can discover the website for the Frigost expansion! Learn more about the history of the island, admire screenshots, peruse artwork… and of course, this is only the beginning! More info will defrost with time… if Djaul allows it… See the Frigost teaser!

Within a few weeks, a new account management service will be up and running... Soon you'll be able to recover your access info by SMS.
We’ll soon be requesting that you certify your accounts again. How? By choosing a new secret question and associating a telephone number to your account.

 Why? Following the increase in Kama and equipment theft, we want to develop new solutions to fight these abuses.
 Just make sure all this doesn’t put your account in danger, be smart! By following these 3 golden rules you’ll help protect your account:
1. Never lend your account to anyone, do not share accounts.
 2. Never give out your password.
 3. Do not buy Kamas or anything else on non-ANKAMA sites.
If in doubt, please consult the list of trusted ANKAMA sites.
Coming soon - detailed information on the implementation of SMS account management!

Online game The Dev Hour #1 Smile_e Info - April 19, 2010

Let’s start this week’s Dev Hour off, with Poolay. Lead Level Designer, graphic artist at heart, you’d have a tough time not stumbling across one of his works. Details here and there have been punctuated by the acidic humor of this video game junkie. Did you know that Poolay is a spicy and original way to write ‘chicken’ in French?! For such a fearless individual makes you wonder what he’s so afraid of… Click here to read Poolay’s post. =)

Sephy has been around for almost 3 years as a very talented Graphic Artist. He’s renowned for wearing bizarre hats indoors, and most importantly, for all of his artwork (just look at the cover of the Café Salé Artbook or the WIP sign you see all over!) To unwind, this timid fellow has been known to sing a few tunes when times get tough, but only when the mood and the crowd are right. His repertoire goes from old corny French songs, to well-known TV ads. He must be more famous than we know, on a recent trip to Japan, they wouldn't let him in to the Karaoke boxes… apparently due to the flu… Mmm. Click here to read Sephy’s post on Arsenals!

Today’s Dev Hour features Tonio, the newest addition to the Game Designer team.

Like any GD worthy of the name, Tonio is a Gamer through and through who plays games like DotA almost every day. You’ve probably heard urban legends of a guy who broke up with his girlfriend to finish Final Fantasy©, right? Well guess what… it was true!

Don’t be fooled, despite his shadowy past, Tonio is quite the people-person and a real sweetheart - they say his shoulder’s been cried on more than any other! Truth be told, he even went as far as to pose in the buff for a school fundraiser... Now that’s dedication!

Click here to read Tonio’s post on Ecosystem Repercussions

  With all the excitement following the arrival of patch 0.211, we thought we’d bring you something light and refreshing on the Dev Hour! This week will feature Baba, a fresh face at Ankama who went from sending in Fanarts to being a 2D animator! Click here to read Baba’s post!

“Today‘s dev hour may contain scenes of a graphic nature” Yes, it’s Ntamak, the puppet maker, or monster master, as he likes to be called! You can probably feel his eyes glaring from the shadows, but don’t worry about that – this guy’s fiercest weapon is his pen... and with it he breathes life into lowly monsters and beautiful marvels alike! Click here to read Ntamak’s post

Have you ever heard the Legend of Kuri? It is an old wives’ tale. They say that in ancient times, when Ankama was still just a sparkle in the eyes of Tot, Manu and Kam, one man bravely stepped in to be the 4th musketeer. Little did he know what lay ahead... Some say that his passion for the job sparked on the very first day, others think it grew on him little by little. But, one thing is for certain, no matter the time of day or night, if you come by Ankama, chances are you’ll find him here, working away with a fiery stare… completely besotted by the spell cast on him ages ago.

Click here to read Kuri’s post on Pandawas

This week’s Dev Hour features Game-Designer Desty.

Desty is a young man with a secret… who hides in the shadows. He wears black clothes, has extremely long hair… and lives in a dark, secluded place, where everything is black but for a single lonely Xbox.

Where others would have a video game or card collection, he has a series of dolls… He lives surrounded by hundreds of these strange and exotic dolls

Figures… Well. We shouldn’t be too fast at dismissing the games… He did get a degree in “Game Design and Video Game Production Management” after all! Have to admit, that’s one class you’d be happy to wake up in the morning for.

Click here to read Desty's "The Illusionist" post

  Today on the devblog, Zeorus deciphers Tonio’s ramblings and clarifies the new Ecosystem rules. Monster Cultures, Clan Member wills, natural events... all this and more on the devblog! Click here to read Zeorus' article  

  Starting next week, you’ll get a sneak peek into the lives of the most mysterious of all creatures, the ones you feel all around you, but that you never see… the devs! Their utmost fantasies… their vision for the game, insights into their working habits and sometimes sanity level. And of course, a glance at their more recent work!  All you wanted to know but what afraid to ask! Coming to you next week!


Stay aware and watch your behind! Our new comer on is neither nice nor friendly! If you leave your pouches unattended, be sure that he'll steal them before you even realize it! You guessed it right. It's him. He's back. As great, and as strong as ever, the terrible Sram turns up on, at the latest stage of his diabolical evolution!  

  It’s been a while since you last heard anything about Ogrines, but don’t worry, their development is still in progress and their arrival is imminent! Here’s the dead giveaway: Lotomaï is back on the Ogrines Blog ready to answer any burning questions you might have! Read the new post on the Ogrines Blog.

Online game Wakfu Beta - Patch 0,211 Info - February 23, 2010
Wakfu Beta Patch 0.211 will be online Wednesday, February 24, 2010. You can read the Patchnote on the forums, and download the client the usual way! For those of you who do not have access to the closed beta, you should check out our writing Contest! Maybe, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll gain entry! =) Happy Gaming!  
Remember St. Ballotwine? There was a time when just hearing the name gave people a rash… a weird, pink one, at that! Although historians have lost all trace of the actual facts behind the legend, on that special day a few traditions remain.  Something about the color pink… hearts… and enflamed declarations to the ones we love. To help you rekindle the flame of old times past, this weekend of Flovor 14th, the CUGAA (Commitee for the Unification of Governments of the Amaknan Archipelago) is offering St. Ballotwine Chocolates to all its World of Twelve citizens! An ideal gift to say how you feel to the one you love or to win over that special someone. Happy St. Ballotwine day!

... in a symphony of chaos! With St. Ballotwine just around the corner, it’s the perfect occasion to show your devoutness and admiration to those fearsome creatures that make order and justice reign as sovereigns on the devastated planes of Ankama – who else but our beloved Clan Members!     Time to bring out your most beautiful, magical, fountain pen! The most romantic, poetic, moving, or even funny of you, will get rewarded for showing such depth and devotion.