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It's time again for Inside Ankama On Air! This week we're talking about the player events, Gobbowl, and more drama with the Ankama Shield. You won't want to miss this week's episode!

The highly anticipated Feca will appear in WAKFU upon the next content update! Discover within this Dev Blog the specifics of the Feca’s protective shields and glyphs, which promise to please strategy and versatility fans alike.

It's our first monthaversary in this week's episode of Inside Ankama On Air! Our talented amatures of podcasting are back again, trying to amuse, entertain, and inform you for thirty minutes or less!

Seven. It’s not just the number of teeth your opponants will lose before the half, it’s the number of days remaining before you can run wild on the Gobbowl pitch!

In the next update of WAKFU the MMORPG, a new nation will appear: The paradise nation but also very mysterious Sufokia! Grab your swimsuit, your shovel and bucket, and catch a glimpse of the archipelago!

Jeu en ligne The countdown has started! Info - October 12, 2011

The training is almost over… Gobbowl is coming out this October 26th!

Welcome to episode 3 of Inside Ankama On Air! This week it's time to talk about the Kolossium, the Wakfu International Community, and a sweet new contest starting later this month! Settle in and let us be your podcasting hosts to the World of Twelve.

Time for another episode of Inside Ankama On Air! This week, we're discussing the Ankama Shield, Wakfu politics, and even Frigost 3!

Inside Ankama is back, and this time, we’re going On Air with a new Podcast series ! This weekly podcast will bring you a quick and quirky quorum of quips and queries about the latest Ankama news !

Today, play as the Rogue and Pandawa in WAKFU the MMORPG while exploring the nation Brakmar! But alas, other surprises await you, too, such as Wilderness or the Stoodeep Mines... what secrets do they hold? Discover all that Content Update 0.308 has to over in this "Sugary Explosion!"

If Brakmar rhymes with scam (believe us, it does…), it’s for a very simple reason: it’s a Rogue hideout! Black bandanas, skulls and a gangster’s look: These bomb experts let black powder do the talking, and will set foot in the WAKFU MMORPG with the September 21st update!  

Online game Version 0.308 Hits 9/21 Info - September 16, 2011

A brand new adventure is about to arrive in WAKFU’s World of Twelve! Here is just a taste of the upcoming content that’ll be made available on September 21st – just a few short days away!

Test now our Gobbowl International Open Beta! Come to visit our stadium from 8th to 18th September. Get ready for ten days of amazing and spectacular matches within players from over the world. For this special event we will welcome all of you with a new and more exciting website.

If you’re into sports, fights and strategy, discover right now Ankama’s new game: Gobbowl!

A two-coloured fur? Check. Muscular arms? Check. Addiction to root beer? Check. Everything is ready for the arrival of The Pandawa disciples in the World of Twelve. Let’s discover the gameplay of those drinking masters!

A new territory to explore, strange men in capes, two new islands of power and mystery… Discover now all the other surprises offered by the Version 0.307: Woodz N the Hoodz!

Online game WAKFU update: August 17 ! Info - August 16, 2011

Warm and hot, like a Piwibread fresh from the oven, the new WAKFU update will go live tomorrow, and it smells good! To ease your hunger for details about all the new content it will bring, here is a sneak preview of Bonta's new unlockable zone: the Sadida Forest!

  The following news goes out to anyone who has had their password reset by Ankama due to the incident of July 29th, 2011. More specifically, it is for those who have recovered access to their account and do not need further help from support to access their account.

Online game Wakfu and Stasis Islands Info - August 11, 2011

You’ve probably already been wondering if your dedication to Wakfu or Stasis would be rewarded one day… apart from the change of color of your beloved Gemlin, of course! You might find the answer to your question here!

In our announcement over the weekend, we declared that no accounts information was leaked following the intrusion incident on one of our servers on last Friday. Unfortunately, the situation has changed; between yesterday and today, we have detected the first cases of item thefts directly linked to this intrusion.

Online game The Hoodlums Info - July 29, 2011

They’ve been seen both in Amakna and Bonta. Captain Calamari and Keli Liesin also reported seeing them on their respective islands. And it’s said that they are already planning on invading Brakmar… But who the heck are those Hoodlums, who stride across our lands concealing their identity?!

The new Politics webpage for WAKFU MMORPG has been updated. Find out all the information about how to impeach your Governor and take his place!

Today, DOFUS Premium members will be given an exclusive sneak-preview of the AnkaBox! Spread the word…

Is your wallpaper screaming "I’m sooo last week!"? When did you last update your profile picture? Do you want to show the world which class you play in the MMORPG? Then the WAKFU official Fan Kit is made for you! Download it for free – it includes everything you need to proudly bear the colours of WAKFU!