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Ankama Ankama is 20! Info - August 20, 2021

This week marks the start of a very special moment in Ankama's history: we're celebrating our 20th anniversary. We say "the start" because from now until the end of the year, we'll be setting up events to talk with you about our shared passion, remember our favorite moments together in our various worlds, and hand out a few gifts as well!

We are implementing a new identification system that will use an email address instead of an account name for new accounts created on or after August, the 24th.

Why choose an "ordinary" pet skin when you can have one inspired by an animal that makes his enemies jealous, his friends proud, and his love interests swoon? With the Capy skin, you can have your cake and eat it too… and even go back for seconds!

You know these pets. They're elemental Krosmunsters that come in 4 different skins. What would you say to a chance to own them without having to part with your current loyal companion? Impossible, you say? Well, in the World of Twelve, that word's not a part of our vocabulary!

Lots of you took part in the musical event of the summer, organized by two members of the community. Now it's time for our juries to reveal the results of their deliberations!

Online game Gladiator Pack Shop - August 05, 2021

What you achieve in the arenas rings out as far as Ingloriom. Make your gods proud: Unleash the Shustuft Crust with the Gladiator Pack!

Did you really think you could get out of Demonic Pacts without stopping by a prison cell? Be among the first beta testers to do so tomorrow! The Shushu Prison will have a few regulars…

Online game Boss Smasher: Sylargh Event - July 30, 2021
Count Harebourg's closest lieutenant alchemist, out of the 5 who helped him build the Water Clock, Sylargh has his own Boss Smasher now. This is your chance to see if he's as frosty as his superior!

True heroes don't just defend the defenseless. They also look cool! That's why through August 11, the store will give you wings with the Paladin Costume.

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Freer and more independent than ever… Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

The special offers in the online Ankama Shop are about to sail away… Don't let them pass you by! Surf the final wave of the summer sales that will steamroll prices, and don't return to dry land until you've found treasure!

Your Haven Bag is a sorry sight… When was the last time you gave it some attention? Freshened it up a tad? It really doesn't take much to make yours look new again, especially when there's two bedrooms available in the shop at a reduced price!

Online game A Survey About Classes Info - July 13, 2021

We've previously stated that we want to revamp the Osamodas class in 2021. However, we won't be able to complete the project this year.


Get ready for another dip in prices in the online Ankama Shop. We're taking a deep breath before diving back in for the second mark-down* of the summer sales! But just so you know, there won't be enough for everyone!

You know these pets. They're your neighbor's Bilby, your cousin's Macawker, or your worst enemy's Araknomecha. What would you say to a chance to own them without having to part with your current loyal companion? Impossible, you say? Well, in the World of Twelve, that word's not a part of our vocabulary!

Online game Feathered Costume Shop - July 01, 2021
Prepare for your assumptions about fowl-inspired costumes to fly apart. A costume with feathers doesn't always have to be a roughly made, silly piwi disguise. And the Feathered Costume is proof!
You can't say no to a bonus lasting a whole week!

If you're like the rebel Whisperers in the Embashy who reject the brutal, dictatorial methods of Master Shhhudoku, or if you're simply itching for a skirmish, you're in luck! The Master Shhhudoku Boss Smasher is coming soon, and to be clear, this isn't for wusses!

It's time for another round of sales in the online Ankama Shop! Take a deep breath, because this first mark-down* features breathtaking deals!

As we announced in an earlier post, to celebrate the launch of Super Nano Blaster on the Ankama Launcher, we're organizing a leaderboard competition that will let the best of you get rewards for DOFUS and WAKFU!

It's here! The latest WAKFU update, entitled Versus, is available now. Log in to the game to check out the new content that's described below!

Online game Bounty Hunter Pack Shop - June 22, 2021
How much bounty is a bounty hunter bound to hunt for if a bounty hunter were bound to hunt for bounty? Safe to say not much without their trusty pack. One bounty begets another!

Gobbstock is here, and that means it's time to show off your pipes! Get those vocal cords vibrating and make some music! Show us what you're made of and try to score a bunch of prizes!

It's almost here! And it's going to be a big one… Update 1.72, mainly focused on improvements to PvP and PvM, will arrive in the game on June 22. Ready to play?