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recent News

Online game WAKFU update: August 17 ! Info - August 16, 2011

Warm and hot, like a Piwibread fresh from the oven, the new WAKFU update will go live tomorrow, and it smells good! To ease your hunger for details about all the new content it will bring, here is a sneak preview of Bonta's new unlockable zone: the Sadida Forest!

  The following news goes out to anyone who has had their password reset by Ankama due to the incident of July 29th, 2011. More specifically, it is for those who have recovered access to their account and do not need further help from support to access their account.

Online game Wakfu and Stasis Islands Info - August 11, 2011

You’ve probably already been wondering if your dedication to Wakfu or Stasis would be rewarded one day… apart from the change of color of your beloved Gemlin, of course! You might find the answer to your question here!

In our announcement over the weekend, we declared that no accounts information was leaked following the intrusion incident on one of our servers on last Friday. Unfortunately, the situation has changed; between yesterday and today, we have detected the first cases of item thefts directly linked to this intrusion.

Online game The Hoodlums Info - July 29, 2011

They’ve been seen both in Amakna and Bonta. Captain Calamari and Keli Liesin also reported seeing them on their respective islands. And it’s said that they are already planning on invading Brakmar… But who the heck are those Hoodlums, who stride across our lands concealing their identity?!

The new Politics webpage for WAKFU MMORPG has been updated. Find out all the information about how to impeach your Governor and take his place!

Today, DOFUS Premium members will be given an exclusive sneak-preview of the AnkaBox! Spread the word…

Is your wallpaper screaming "I’m sooo last week!"? When did you last update your profile picture? Do you want to show the world which class you play in the MMORPG? Then the WAKFU official Fan Kit is made for you! Download it for free – it includes everything you need to proudly bear the colours of WAKFU!

Online game WAKFU 0.306 Info - June 22, 2011

New patch available for WAKFU ! Balancing of all classes, new laws for governors, new trading features... Find out now the complete patch note of the 0.306 version of WAKFU.

Your achievements will be rewarded! The 12 achievements of Islands of WAKFU immediately unlock 12 exclusive items in the WAKFU MMO Open Beta.

The Xbox LIVE ArcadeTM game Islands of WAKFU has been updated, and the patch provides new difficulty levels!

Online game WAKFU at E3! Info - June 10, 2011

The WAKFU MMORPG dev team made the trip to Los Angeles to show the game at E3, the famous video video game exhibition. Take a peak at the firsts pictures of the event!

The new international serverRemington”, dedicated to non-French speaking players, is now available in WAKFU, so get ready to conquer new territories!

Online game WAKFU 0.305 Info - May 25, 2011

Starting today, WAKFU invites you to explore the brand new Arcade Dungeons! A community challenge that Sacriers and Xelors will surely take up ! Discover now all the other surprises offered by the Version 0.305 offers !

Next Wednesday
(May 25th, 2011), the game patch will bring new features along with bug fixes and overall balancing.

Here we are, the WAKFU Beta goes open ! Everyone can join, all you need is an Ankama account.
Dive in a devastated World of Twelve ! Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect…

Version 0.303 "The Political Movement" of the WAKFU Beta hits servers today, and it so happens to be one of the luckiest updates ever!

Two weeks to go before the Open Beta ! And lot of new content to come ! Here is a sneak preview of the coming patch, that will be available for Closed Beta testers from April 20th.

Find out about the origins of the World of Twelve… Islands of WAKFU (downloadable exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade™) is now available for 800 Microsoft® Points (appr. €10)!

If you want a sneak preview of the game’s world before its Xbox LIVE Arcade™ release on March 30th, visit the new Islands of Wakfu website.

27th April, 2011! Write it in your diaries, because it’s the official release date of the open beta, as announced at the 6th Ankama Convention.

A unique experience, 10, 000 years before DOFUS, which will give you more insight into your favourite universe...

The WAKFU Beta has just been launched! New Nations, new interface… All the new features from WAKFU 0.3 are now available to the activated beta testers!

  Today on, we celebrate a holiday devoted to the most illustrious Masqueraider of them all: Maskemane! To immortalize his exploits, we’re serving up six mystifying pages of his action-packed comic. Adrenaline junkies, here comes your fix!