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Online game Never Patsick of it! Info - March 14, 2012

From Martalo* 16th to 18th, WAKFU turns green for Saint Patsick.

Shelves, vitrines and counters are filling up: the WAKFU Boutique brims with novelties! Come and discover all the latest items, to stay at the cutting-edge of fashion!

Starting today, and for the next two weeks, we’ll be hiding a multitude of gift codes everywhere on our new page! (Photos, Status, riddles…)

Imagine you have a Tofu in hand and a giant grid in front of you. If you knew that each square of the grid contained an amazing gift... What would you do? A. Slouch away sadly, tear in the corner of your eye. B. Blow your nose into the tofu. C. Tofukaze attack!!!

Get that episode out, double time! To make up for the lack of Inside Ankama On Air, this week we're bringing you a Venti-sized edition of Inside Ankama On Air. We've even increased the number of hosts. Who can it be joining us in the studio? Listen and find out!

Shelves, vitrines and counters are filling up: the WAKFU Boutique brims with novelties! Come and discover all the latest items, to stay at the cutting-edge of fashion!

Online game Makawhats? Makabras! Info - March 01, 2012
The Makabras make up a brand new series of items introduced yesterday to accompany the game’s release. These rings and weapons, available exclusively from the Boutique, have a very interesting peculiarity: they evolve! Intrigued? Read on…

Want to buy a new set or maybe a few aesthetic items? Well, now you can! Shop ‘til you drop at the WAKFU Boutique. Choose from sets, emotes, pet customisation items, Haven Bag decorations, new arrivals such as evolving rings and weapons,and much, much more!

In WAKFU, everything depends on you. From fighting to politics, and even the environment, the future of the World of Twelve is down to you and your friends! Which Nation will you choose? Which helmet will be best suited to your Iop? The answers to all these life-changing questions are now within reach…  Play WAKFU now!

Discover the membership offers available for the release of the game. And who says “launch offers” also means “Sale”! Those will be available until Mach 31st. If you missed the pre-subscriptions, there’s still time for a good deal…

Delightful duets, apocaplytic predictions, and an inter-community challenge... all this and more are waiting for you in episode 20 of Inside Ankama On Air!

You heard right! Today is the last day of WAKFU’s Open Beta. At 5pm GMT on February 22nd, all Beta servers will be shut down for one week, giving the Wodents time to repopulate before the full launch February 29th! But be present for the historical event on Remington at 4.30pm GMT!

Choose your favourite class on the 29th February!

How do you like our new icon? It's from our Inside Ankama Banner Design winner: MasterVong! It'll be gracing our Inside Ankama On Air news for the next four weeks! Now that you've seen our sleek new look, click through to listen to the show!

In Content Update 0.315, ascend Mount Zinit in hopes of putting an end to Ogrest’s Chaos. But that’s not all, the luck of the Ecaflip has returned!
With only one week left of Beta, discover everything that version 0.315 has to offer in: The Ogre's Coercion.

Online game Dev Blog: Ogrest’s Chaos Info - February 13, 2012

Last week, we unveiled Mount Zinit and the mission to challenge Ogrest, the one responsible for the Great Deluge. Was the challenge alone not enough motivation to get your keester in gear? On the next Content Update, scheduled for February 15th, you’ll have a thousand reasons to want him gone...

If you’ve always dreamt of paying Ogrest a visit and giving him a good hiding, then you’re in for a treat! The Gods are smiling down on you, brave adventurers, for an incredible challenge awaits!

This week: It's a short and snappy episode of Inside Ankama On Air! We'll talk about Frigost 3 and marriage and divorce in Wakfu. We'll also draw the winner of last week's EPIC NPC THEATER. Are you ready? Well, let's go!

To thank all the players who have been active during WAKFU’s beta phase, we are pleased to announce that, as of today, you can reserve your nickname and guild name absolutely free!

After Amakna, Sufokia and Brakmar, you thought there wouldn't have any more chance to participate in the street naming of the World of Twelve? You did not count on Bonta!

WAKFU’s release is almost here! Ogrest’s tears have left everything in ruins and pioneers are desperately needed to help reconstruct the world! Panic not, for you will be generously rewarded… Subscribe in advance now and from the 29th February you can enjoy exclusive gifts reserved for the world’s first adventurers! Of course, anyone can turn up on the day… but they’ll have a tough time looking as classy as you!
Podcast Inside Ankama - Episode 17 Info - February 02, 2012

Questions about DOFUS and WAKFU have you? Listen to Inside Ankama you must! Episode 17 is here for your edification and entertainment!

Who hasn’t dreamed of a Bow Meow or a Gobball happily running at their feet? The pets are coming to the WAKFU universe!
Discover the adorable companions of our future adventures!

February 29th doesn’t come by every year, so we’ve decided to celebrate in style! An extraordinary day calls for an extraordinary release… Timing is important after all, so let’s get it right! All of us at Ankama are proud to announce that the WAKFU MMORPG will officially be released on Wednesday, 29th February 2012!