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WAKFU Boutique: discover the Roleplay titles!

Online game WAKFU Update: Wind of Change Info - November 22, 2012

Discover the first part of the changes that will be implemented with the next updated, deployed on November 27th.

Sacriers are always ready to donate their blood to win a fight! Discover the berserkers of Krosmaster Arena! And learn what it takes to win…

Online game Devblog: Calamar Island Info - November 20, 2012

Discover exclusive information about the upcoming Revamp of Calamar Island, by the man who designed it: Fhenris, in our newest Devblog.

Real forces of nature, Sadidas still manage to keep their temper. But beware of still water! Discover these vegetal invocators in Krosmaster Arena!

He surely looks like a good lad this Shak Shaka! He offers shelter and food in his own kingdom without asking for compensation. The most suspicious ones might say that behind all these cotton candies and free carousels hides an evil secret… But what would be the use of these temptations if not giving in? Discover this fantastic and gifted character in Krosmaster Arena!

The more the merrier, as the Masqueraiders say, and they should know! With three masks and a unique personality for each one, they're turning the Krosmaster Arena into quite the party! Discover the true face of these whimsical Krosmaster warriors.

Does reality exist? Are we all just batteries in some crazy machine's simulation? Could this be nothing but a drug-induced hallucination? Who knows, but we'll talk about that and all sorts of Ankama news in this episode of Inside Ankama On Air!

Beware! Srams never run out of mischiefs and will always find new ways to rob the defenseless souls! Which of these thieves will handle the dirty work of your team in Krosmaster Arena?

You can’t take your mind off these arenas? The spirit of competition inhabits you? Or you simply want to stay informed about the best gladiators on your server? This new section is made for you!

Eniripsas have taken great pains to develop their talents in order to server in the Krosmaster Arena! For your health and safety, it's recommended that you take one of these healers with you... so which Eni figurine will join your team?

You may come accross Goultard or Percedal in Krosmaster Arena! And they have a very particular opinion of their class: "Many adventurers think that Iops always strike before asking questions, but this is totally wrong! Iops don't ask questions."
Meet the epitome of a brutal warrior in Krosmaster Arena!

Here are the results of the Al Howin fan art contest! Discover the three lucky winners, and their amazing entries!

Prepare Al Howin as it should be with the appropriate Haven-Bag decorations! Gloomy and Evil atmosphere guaranteed!

Only a few days left to receive the offer: the double tofukaze week! Twice more tofus to throw at the walls. Twice more ingame gifts, in both DOFUS and WAKFU.

Discover the implementation of Krosmaster Arena in WAKFU and how this new expansion will affect your daily life in the World of Twelve, in our new devblog.

It’s always tough to face a Cra: when he releases his grip, you know you’re in trouble! Discover the archers of Krosmaster Arena!

Discover the first part of the changes that will be implemented with the next updated, deployed on October 30th.

While all prepare for the celebration of Al Howin as expected, dark powers work in the shadows and threaten the safety of the World of Twelve. In taverns, a word jumps from lips to lips without ever being said out loud: curse. And anxiety grows while a feared date approaches: October 25th

Inside Ankama, your voice of rightousness in a world of misery, has returned! Let Izmar, Troyle and Macha talk you through the new hotness coming soon for DOFUS and WAKFU. Don't worry, we're not crazy, our mothers had us tested.

It’s not the first time they make themselves known… Their dark souls and code of honor are just like their armors: flawless! The Dark Knights swore an oath to Krosmaster Arena. Will you dare challenge them?

Shelves, vitrines and counters are filling up: the WAKFU Boutique brims with novelties! Come and discover all the latest items, to stay at the cutting-edge of fashion!

Al Howin is getting closer, but you still have one week left to submit your entry to our “Foggernauts celebrate Al Howin” contest, and maybe win one of the prizes!

Online game Devblog: Haven Worlds Info - October 19, 2012

As part of our continuing endeavour to give more responsibility to the players, Haven Worlds are soon to make an appearance in WAKFU. Real worlds that can be built and managed, they are a special feature of the MMORPG universe that will demand commitment from the entire community. Let us explain!