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Ninefi, the Meridia of Creativity, recently issued a challenge to artists in the community: design new avatars based on the Twelvian bestiary in the Wakfu Era! We received quite a few entries, and it was a tough choice for our jury…

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

Bring home a bit of Pandalan myth and magic with this miniature Kamiwolf. A stuffed toy whose softness is the stuff of legend, and who's ready for all the sktriches and hugs you can give it. Adopt it today!

In honor of Fairy Lax Day, which commemorates… Huh? You… you don't know what Fairy Lax Day is? Sounds like a little reminder is in order! And once you're up to speed, you can fully enjoy the 25% bonus on profession XP for all of next week!

It started as a tasty and well-appreciated Aperirel Snapper's Day joke. Today, the legendary BLT (Burger, Lettuce and Tomato Costume) becomes reality: the Feast and Foodius Costume is now available in-game! And it hasn't come alone…

Mark your calendars: On Thursday, April 20 at 5 PM (Paris time), the WAKFU team welcomes you to its Twitch channel (Ankama Live) to… hang out and chat! Got questions about the game? About updates? About [Siu]'s favorite meal? They'll tell you (almost) anything you want to know!

We've been wanting to overhaul single-target and area masteries for some time now. Now the time has come to share our different ideas with you, and to ask for your opinion!

The soundtrack to the animated series The Last Adventure of Count Lance Dur is now available on all streaming platforms! Put your player on loop and enjoy!

The first batch was the target of much excitement in the Ankama Shop and the in-game shop. Since then, things have been on paws… Fortunately, three new stuffed toys, three new pins and three new pet skins, this time inspired by the Ouginak, Cra and Sram classes, are now here to steal the spotlight in both shops!

For Fleaster, the season that's all about chocolate eggs and wodents, the Chocopack is returning to the shop, along with an all-new seasonal costume!

Balancing, new stuff, and surprises – if it could make your coffee too, Update 1.79 would be just about perfect! Well, don't get your hopes up, because lousy pigs will fly (without you giving them an uppercut) before that happens… Hurry up and check out what's waiting for you in the game!

Like Eliatropes, the new boosters come in twos! And on closer inspection, they really look alike too… Last time they were based on Chibi and Grougaloragran, while this time around, they're inspired by Mina and Phaerys. Shocking!

Are you a fan of fast food? The kind you can order fast, eat fast, and… well, maybe not digest fast, but you get the point. Now you can show your crunchy and juicy side to the world… share a smoky, savory aroma that's the envy of any Lousy Pig… and fully live your personal flame-broiled truth!

Online game 1.79: Get Ready! Info - March 28, 2023

As time goes by, WAKFU is always trying to improve. With each passing day, it does its best to become a better MMO – a "better version of itself", as they say. And it's all for you… The next update, which is slated for release on Tuesday, April 4, proves this yet again!

As prices on runs and finishers are permanently reduced, the Wings of Light Run seems to have fluttered straight down from heaven. A bird of good omen, perhaps?

Starting with Update 1.79, it will no longer be possible to launch the 32-bit client on machines that currently use it.

Some of you might have been waiting for it: Ankama's avatar creation contest is back! Grab your weapons – whether it's your sharpened crayons or your shiny graphics tablet – put on your best war paint, and… chaaaaarge!

The Vintage Vantage Pack makes its triumphant return for Saint Potrick. And this year, it's accompanied by a special offer too… How's that for a vintage advantage?

Two new recruits have just joined the family of XL Dragoone stuffed toys! One recalls the azure skies of a beautiful Jullier day, and the other will remind you of an iconic character from the WAKFU animated series. Plus, each comes with a lottery card you can use to pick up a pet in-game! Check them out now!

Do you think you've got a lot in common with the captain of Lamechester United? This is no time to get a cramp, but to crank things up! Run over to the shop while you're open, and get the ball rolling – the Kriss Krass Pack is defenseless!

Enutrofs won't stop talking about it, and no matter how much you make fun of them for it, they're right – time flies like a Cra's arrow! Tomorrow, it'll already be time for us to celebrate WAKFU's 11th birthday! The event seems to be causing great excitement in Astrub… Hurry up and check out the surprises we have in store for you for this special occasion.

An all-new beta version of WAKFU is ready for you to test from top to bottom, inside and out. Adventurers of the World of Twelve, version 1.79 is available for download from Ankama Launcher, and we're here to tell you all about its content…

WAKFU's beta server will soon be updated to version 1.79! Twelvians, be among the first to tinker with, test and explore the new version of the game!

A pack trapped in ice was just discovered by a team of archaosologists in the middle of a mission in the Frigostian permafrost. Well? Don't just stay frozen to the spot – you should go take a look at it now!