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They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

Online game 30% Off Services! Shop - March 04, 2022

Whether you use our services regularly or have been wanting to up your game in the World of Twelve, now's the time to take a gander in the shop. Because through March 6, there's a 30% discount on all services!

Have you heard of Twitch Drops? They're rewards that you unlock by watching a Twitch stream for a certain period of time. This feature can be enabled for a specific Twitch channel or for an entire category. You'll never guess who wants to treat you to gifts over the next three days… It's us, along with your favorite WAKFU streamers on Twitch!

A birthday with no unexpected surprises wouldn't be quite as fun as a birthday that goes a bit off the rails. Admit it, it's true! If the cake is sumptuous, the music is perfect, and the guests are all in a festive yet polite mood… oof, talk about boring! Wouldn't you agree? And on that note… Before the party continues, we want to say a few words to all of you and give you even more gifts!

Online game Winged Demon Costume Shop - March 03, 2022

It'll give you wings and keep you armed to the teeth… We're talking about the Winged Demon Costume. With it, you're guaranteed to make an impression the next time you venture into the turbulent depths of the Shustuft Crust. Get yours without delay!

Let us share an extraordinary adventure… that spawned an animated series and a video game – a game that belongs to you! This game has grown alongside you over the years. Evolving with you for 10 years now. How about we celebrate with a little video?

A whole decade is worth celebrating! There's no better feeling than when you give a loved one a gift, seeing their face light up and getting their happiness in exchange… You think we're laying it on thick? Just wait till you see the 3 gifts we're offering – then you won't get so cute with us…

Online game Boss Smasher: Agony Event - February 28, 2022

With a body studded with minerals, Agony shoulders her burden every blessed day under the Twelve.  Half-organic and half-revenant in appearance because of how her own son – Raval, protector of Septangel, not to name names – betrayed her, this necromancer is as miserable as they come… And you, you're about to add to her agony! (Not very kind of you…)

To mark 10 years by your side, we thought about giving you bulbiflors – but flowers don't last… Unlike memories! (Assuming you don't have a gold snapper's memory…) Our 10th anniversary offers a chance to look back on the highlights that are seared in your memory, and in many ways… (Yes, don't worry – there will be gifts too!)

Online game Eat Popcorn Emote Shop - February 24, 2022

Although popcorn is not always available at the movies at the moment, one thing's for sure, if you get this new emote, it will always be available in WAKFU.

Ankama Large Stuffed Royal Tofu! Shop - February 23, 2022

He's ruled over the World of Twelve's dynasty of feathered friends for decades now. Despite his menacing glare, he has a lenient and even soft side rarely seen in other monarchs… All the more so in this large stuffed version! Ready to settle in under the Royal Tofu's wing?

What do you say we kick off the festivities for our tenth anniversary right away with our first gift to you? A three-day booster will be credited to you in the next few days!

Online game Beta 1.75: Happening Now! Info - February 17, 2022
WAKFU's beta server has been updated and now contains version 1.75! Twelvians, be among the first to tinker with, test and explore the new version of the game!
Online game Items Back from the Past… Shop - February 17, 2022

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

Meylon Moosk, a perfectly average Huppermage druid, isn't done showing off the full dragoturkeypower of his mikrosmowave oven. After the Shushus, now the Demons of the Hours will be going in the frying pan. (Get it? It's a cooking joke.) It's time for the second episode of 30 Seconds in the Mikrosmowave!

Tune in on Wednesday, February 16, 5:00 PM (Paris time)! Siu (game designer) and Koko (community manager) will be live on Twitch, to talk about the tasty updates for March.

Online game Heartbroken Costume Shop - February 10, 2022

A tailor-made costume cut from the very fabric of their victims' dignity and happiness: That's exactly what heartbreakers need for their wardrobe. But if you belong to the "broken hearts" club instead, this costume will also fit you perfectly, as it beautifully accentuates your tears and the sorrow beneath your red, puffy eyes. What a lovely mood we've set!

No one can resist its cheerful eyes. Many have given in to the urge to bury their face in its thick, silky fur. What about you? Are you one of those monsters who are unmoved by the Redfoux? If so, you must not have a heart (and we strongly recommend seeing an Eniripsa about this).

Make no mistake: Love for the Krosmoz and for Ankama's creations has no borders, and certainly no language barriers! We present the result of a lengthy undertaking: a replay, subtitled in three languages, of the live segment of KrosmoNote 2021! Now available to view on our YouTube channel.

For this third and final markdown in the Ankama Shop Winter Sales, discounts are reaching new heights! Don't get left in snowfall – take advantage before it's too late!

Online game Boss Smasher: Morfor Event - January 31, 2022

Flovor gives pride of place to the heartbreakers of Saint Ballotwine's day. To counteract this cloying atmosphere, the Boss Smasher taking place from February 1 to 28 will make you break out in a cold sweat. Buried away in Astrub Cemetery, Morfor is already excitedly dreaming of you in a state of Putrefaction. You see? Things are already a bit less happy and flowery!

Wish you could identify tracks in the wild? Or stalk and kill beasties to survive? With the Barbarian Costume, become a warrior from an age that evidently didn't fear the cold. Launch price offered until February 9 (11:59 p.m. Paris time)!

Want to learn all you can about the World of Twelve, but can't find the time in your jam-packed schedule? (More like you're too busy playing video games to open an encyclopedia. It's cool, we get it…) For the first public demonstration of his mikrosmowave oven, Meylon Moosk has decided to address the infamously hot topic of the Shushus. DING! Ah! Sounds like it's ready.

The second mark-down for the Ankama Shop Winter Sales is whipping up a real snowstorm! Temperatures are dropping, and our prices are too! Take advantage, because there won't be enough for everyone…