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Tired of all the talk about Father Kwismas and Father Whupper, the gods have decided to steal back the spotlight with some stocking stuffers of their own! This December, you'll have the chance to pick up three packs honoring three gods of the Krosmoz. So without further ado, let's get things started with the God Xelor pack!

From December 1 to 4, take advantage of an exclusive offer. We're giving away the Howl at the Moon emote with every Booster Pack purchase! You and your friends will finally be able to howl as a pack. Maybe even loud enough to impress the Boowerewolf himself…

The 2017 Advent Calendar will be available starting at 10:00 AM CET on December 1st! If you’ve made at least one purchase during the year or you have an active Booster, you’re one of the lucky players who’ll get a chance to enjoy it. Try your luck at winning 26 gifts by correctly answering the riddles that we ask you!  

Wakfu MMORPG Cra Finisher in Ogrine Packs Shop - November 29, 2017

When the goddess Cra offers you a hand, you simply can't refuse. Especially when it means rubbing a victory in your opponent's face! So don't wait: from now through Sunday December 3rd, the Cra Finisher is a bonus gift in packs of 13,000 OG or more!

The 1.57 update is arriving soon and with it will come many changes and novelties: the Mineral Tower, a brand new gameplay, the Battlefields and more...

Wakfu MMORPG Black Friday Sale! Shop - November 24, 2017

A generous wind from a distant continent has tousled the Shop in the World of Twelve. From November 24 to 27, save 30% on the Ogrine price of items and services! If you have a Booster, you'll even save 50%!

Wakfu MMORPG Boss Smasher #9 Info - November 22, 2017

Get ready for a hard-hitting event, the Boss Smasher! Complete the Stasis version of the Mecha Factory between November 23 and 27 to get exclusive rewards! 

This beta will give you an idea of what to expect in the upcoming WAKFU Update 1.57. Come and discover it with us!

From November 20 to 26, the A-String Costume will be available in the shop for 3,500 Ogrines. A new costume that will strike a chord with the disciples of Cra… and plenty of others, too!

The Crazy for Stuffed Toys Mystery Box is back! Available in the Shop from November 17th to 20th for the price of 200 Ogrines, it contains no fewer than 10 Stuffed Toys, which will bring a cuddly touch to your Haven Bag decor. Well, that all depends on which one you get!

Having failed to slip into Oropo's skin, many players just wanted to dress up like him. Their wish has been granted! Sprinkle a bit of Season 3 on your MMO with the Oropo Costume, a bonus gift with packs of 13,000 OG or more!

At the top of the mountain, Ogrest the terrible with his wrath and grief, spreads chaos to the World of Twelve. Now's your chance adventurers to discover the secrets of Mount Zinit and explore this unique area at ease! 

Wakfu MMORPG WAKFUNDING: A Year Later… Info - November 07, 2017

A year ago already, we launched our financing campaign for the release of Wakfu the Series – Season 3. Many of you supported us, and now, we really appreciate it! A few months from Season 3's release on Netflix International, a little feedback on the Wakfunding adventure is essential…

At the top of the mountain, Ogrest the terrible with his wrath and grief, spreads chaos to the World of Twelve. Now's your chance adventurers to discover the secrets of Mount Zinit and explore this unique area at ease! 
Wakfu MMORPG 30% Off Class Changes! Shop - November 02, 2017

Do you want to take a closer look at the new-gen Enutrofs wandering around? Why not take advantage of the 30% discount on class changes until November 6!

The Al Howin curse has struck again! Tremble before the Cursed Mystery Box and fear the Rage of a Boowolf equipped with the Anubis Harness! Not scared in the slightest? Then sneak off to the Shop under cover of darkness and try to get your hands on them before November 7!

Ankama Gamakna #4 is here! Info - October 31, 2017

While Al Howin is in full swing, it's hard to say what's scariest… The sinister howl of a Boowolf? The creepy croak of a Crobak? The terrified cry of a Twelvian who's run into a Miss Ugly…? Or perhaps your gasp when you see the cover of the latest issue of Gamakna?! Check out the Table of Contents! Before it's too late… Mwaahahaha!

Trick or treat? For fans of the series WAKFU, the coming weekend will be all treats! For two days, on October 28 and 29, the three special episodes can be streamed for free on Steam!

This 30th of October, we're offering you a special evening! This time, combat XP, professions XP and drop rate will be multiplied by 2!

From October 27 to 31, take part in our traditional Al Howin game! Two scratch cards per day means twice the chance of winning the Scarab Haven Bag. Fingers poised? Ready? Scratch!

It's a tradition in the World of Twelve – updates never come alone! Update 1.56 is no exception. It comes with a Booster Pack inspired by Season 3 of the series: the Toxine Pack! It is available starting today, from 10:30 AM CEST.

Wakfu MMORPG Update 1.56 is online! Info - October 24, 2017

Do you hear the dull groans and metallic clicking in the distance? Do you hear the shovels striking the ground? You do? Then it's a sure thing: the new update is online! It's playtime!

Wakfu MMORPG Al Howin Is Back Info - October 23, 2017

Another year, another haunted festival: Al Howin! What would the event be without its tricks… and its treats! Defend the World of Twelve from the tricksters spreading curses and stealing your treats. Come to Astrub starting on Tuesday, October 24!

Get ready for a hard-hitting event, the Boss Smasher! Complete the Stasis version of Wa Wabbit's Castle between October 26 and 31 to get exclusive rewards!