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Just because the weather is dreary doesn't mean your appearance has to be. With this third and final round of class umbrella emotes, you'll radiate style, come rain or shine!

We're ending the year in music, and style, with a sublime collector's edition: the Pieces of Krosmoz Vinyl Pack! A feast for the eyes and the ears. Act Now: Supplies are limited to 1,000 copies!
Online game Wabbit Island: Get Ready! Info - December 06, 2023

As time goes by, WAKFU is always looking for ways to improve. With each passing day, it does its best to become a better MMO – a "better version of itself", as they say. And to think, it's all especially for you… The next update, slated for release on Tuesday, December 12, proves this yet again!

Got an iron will and nerves of steel? Look no further – we have just the thing for an adventurer of your caliber. If you want to make sparks fly, get a shiny new Blacksmith Pack!

Protecting your account is essential. The quality of your gaming experience depends on it. Not long ago, we announced the imminent introduction of changes to enhance your security. Now it's time for you to get it all updated!

This blackest of days is the day of all hope! In DOFUS,  DOFUS Retro, WAKFU, One More Gate, and even the Ankama Shop, what deal will make your heart sing?

What time is it…? Oh right, it's time to say thanks! What for, you ask? For your unwavering passion and enthusiasm day after day! For the occasion, have a Thank-You Pack and check out some items from the past…

Yet again, the Kwismas goblimps have worked hard to save your holidays. They've carefully selected the very best WAVEN gifts for you from the shelves of their gigantic workshop. The resulting standard WAVEN Kwismas Pack and premium WAVEN Kwismas Pack are stuffed full of goodies!

Two weeks have passed since the single-account adventure began. That qualifies as enough hindsight for us to have a second live review! Join us on Thursday, November 16 at 4 p.m. (Paris time) to chat about this brand-new adventure!
At Ankama, it is of utmost importance that the gaming experience be positive for everyone. Guided by your comments and our commitment to the integrity of the game, we are fine tuning our approach: While our rules will remain firm, our sanctions for infractions will now be more severe.

Well, you're a brave one! Did you forget that the botanical beauty of a doll was what sparked Ogrest's Chaos? Gods only know what might happen if the ogre sees you…

Online game Compensation Incoming! Info - November 09, 2023

The single-account servers were hit by a wave of players, which impacted the game experience during the first few days, including early access. As we promised on the first day, you will be compensated – and we're sharing more details in this article.

Ankama Games and Doryah Games have come together for the first time and the result is nothing short of fun-tastic! Introducing Krosfighter, the party shooter that promises to deliver more wild fun than you know what to do with!

One week since the single-account adventure began, we're already itching to chat about this brand-new experience in the history of WAKFU! See you at the next livestream?

From Thursday, November 9 to Thursday, November 16, take part in the Twitch Drops campaign to mark the single-account server "Ogrest", and score brand-new items in WAKFU!

It's official… the whole family is here! Three adorable new faces have now joined the plushies and pins of our Creatures line. Ecaflip, Eliotrope and Foggernaut… take your pick of plushies and pins! (Assuming you can choose just one…)

Finally! The single-account adventure can finally begin… A one-of-a-kind adventure never before seen in WAKFU History. Be prepared to see the World of Twelve in a new light and experience it like never before, alone, all by yourself… Exhilarating, isn't it?

In response to the throngs of players during the early access, our servers are currently having some stability issues. So that all our players can enjoy their experience, the team has made several decisions. Full details are below!

Early access to the new Ogrest single-account servers is finally here! Two days before the official launch, come and enjoy a brand-new experience in the history of WAKFU!

Adventurers of the Krosmoz, two-factor authentication is being updated, and we invite you to enhance your account security.

As some of you have noticed, whether through our new guide interface or from images in the trailer for our upcoming single-account server, WAKFU in HD is now a reality!

We've been talking about the single-account server for several days now. This time, prepare to be speechless when we make an announcement (as big as Ogrest!) in the upcoming livestream. Meet us on Twitch on October 30!

It's time to comment on the botting situation (and therefore the sale of Kamas) on WAKFU!

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire: To deal with the merciless creatures that would swarm every corner of the World of Twelve, become one of them! And you can, thanks to the Demonic and Fricadavera Packs now available from the shop!