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recent News

From December 6 to 12, the Yen Adertal Costume will be available in the Shop for 6,000 Ogrines. And you can get it for free with any purchase of a pack of 13,000 or more Ogrines! It's a prime opportunity to express your most primal instincts, guilt-free! Well, don't overdo it now. Keep it together…

You were waiting for it, you're here, it's here ... it's! End your fights in style with the Sadida Finisher! Through December 3, this new fatal blow is offered for free when you purchase a pack of 13,000 OG or more or in flash sale at 4,500 OG.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, it isn't a boss, nor a threat endangering the World of Twelve: It's Black Friday in the Shop from November 23 to 25! What does that mean? Between 30% and 50% off purchases paid in Ogrines!

The wheel is turning among the classes as they take turns staring in Booster Packs. After the Foggernauts and their ability to vaporize their enemies, here come the Masqueraiders, those masters of disguise and revenge! The Masqueraider pack will be in the shop until Friday, November 30!

Online game Noxine in the Spotlight! Shop - November 16, 2018

That not-so-bad-bad-guy in Wakfu the Series is being honored this anniversary month. But disturbing Nox in person is out of the question. So instead, you have a date with the Noxine pet, his worthy representative, until November 20!

Online game Oropo Struts His Emote Shop - November 12, 2018
Wakfu the Series's 10th anniversary celebration is going strong with an emote straight from season 3: "I am Oropo"! Check it out until November 19.

Year-end treasures are available for pre-order from the Ankama Shop! The first one contains the best illustrations from Xa, Maba, Ancestral Z, Ntamak, Mig, Nicola Saviori, Ashvey, and Benpi to have appeared in Gamakna. The second one… has the same! But it also includes access to DOFUS and WAKFU items before anyone else, and more yet…

Online game A Fighting-Fit Costume Shop - October 29, 2018

The Yokai have been annoying you for over a week now, right? And all because it's Al Howin! When it comes to ghost hunting, sometimes you just have to have the right gear. So why not slip on a Kitsune Costume and those spectral villains will race right back to their tombs!

From now until November 6, it's not one, not three, not four, not five, but two, yes: TWO harnesses are coming to the Shop! Shushued or Anoobis, it's up to you to choose… or perhaps both?

Four brand-new goodies have just arrived in the Ankama Shop. Tofurby, Bow Meow, Emerald Dofus, and Shushu: Whether you pin them or have a hot drink from them at breakfast, they'll definitely make your days taste different. Let yourself be tempted!

Online game A Pack Possessed by Rushu! Shop - October 24, 2018

Always very generous with dirty tricks, Rushu is wreaking havoc in the peaceful monthly parade of the god packs. Now he's taking possession of his own pack, which is outright settling into the store from October 24 to 31!

We thought it had been banished to another dimension, but it's here to make you shiver in fear! The Cursed Mystery Box is back with a new emote as a bonus, until Tuesday, November 6!

It's nice to let yourself be carried along by events from time to time. Take it easy with the Polter Race as a bonus gift as soon as the purchases you make between October 9 and 15 reach a total of 6,000 OG!

Online game Adopt a Minor Shushu Pet! Shop - October 02, 2018

Shadofang didn't come to the World of Twelve alone… Since her disappearance, thousands of pets with questionable manners have been invading our streets like vermin! What if, instead of fleeing them, you adopted them? From now until October 8, the Minor Shushu pet is available in the Shop for 5,000 Ogrines!  

Shadofang's shadow is spreading over the World of Twelve, and the Shushu invasion has started?! Ah, no. It's just a horde of adventurers who slipped into the animated Shushued Costume available in Update 1.61's Pack!

Online game 30% Off Your Cart! Shop - September 21, 2018
Pandawa parties are so good they're a real hit throughout the World of Twelve, with Twelvians ready to raise a glass whenever a frothy beverage is nearby! And the Shop is no exception because from September 21 to 24, it's offering you a 30% discount on your first cart!
Online game Foggernauts Are Packing Heat! Shop - September 19, 2018

After have gone all out – no, not on the town – with the gods, it's back to class for the packs! The Foggernauts are kicking things off by offering you the most steaming-hot pack of the year until September 26.

Online game Flash Sale: Mishell Costume Shop - September 14, 2018

"Ardent defender of the environment, I'm the daughter of a god. After discovering me on an island in your beloved MMO, you saw me in flesh and bone (or almost) in Season 3 of the animated series. To celebrate the anniversary of its air date, I'm holding a flash sale on my costume in the shop! Who am I? I am…"

Online game Myster'Hit Box Shop - September 10, 2018

The new Mystery Box is full of something to get your emotions flowing: emotes! We know how much you love those little animations that let you communicate, share your emotions, and bring your characters to life (even more)! The Myster'Hit Box is available through September 16!

With 20% off certain items, the Shop's holding its own little braderie sale. You have three days to sniff out bargains in the "Series" and "In-Game Items" categories!

Online game Discover the New Botani'Run! Shop - September 04, 2018

There are those adventurers who leave the sour smell of a long day of fighting in their wake. And then there's you. Well, I mean, and then there could be you! What would you say to spreading flowers by the dozen with every step you take, like a messenger sent to spread loooove and peace in the World of Twelve? With the Botani'Run, you can!

They're back. The freshest yet. More succulent than ever before. Once again this year, they're going to make lots of people happy and be the desire of bargain hunters everywhere. Yes, that's right: The bargains of the Ankama Shop Braderie are back! Get between 20% and 85% off until September 4!

The Shop is having a flash sale on the Natroyal Costume – pick it up for 2,500 Ogrines until September 3! Those who've already worn it are unanimous: Once you slip it on, you'll be in the grip of telluric forces, ready to burn any wood to achieve your aims. And then, you'll be no one's… sap!

A warrior as courageous as he is reckless, Iop set the stage for a goddess adept in martial arts: Pandawa. She's taking over the reins in this new God Pack!