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Online game The Hero Costume Shop - December 01, 2022

Plenty of rumors precede it. Twelvians have been whispering about it on their front stoop or at the inn. Some even said they'd already tried it on. "It adds a certain charm to my moofly!" "Wearing it made me feel exhilarated!" See for yourself and check out the new Hero Costume!

Online game Black Friday Is Back! Shop - November 25, 2022

Every year, as the sparkle of the Kwismas season begins, a special day comes along to connect you with all the best deals… Black Friday is back! Find out what's in store for you this year in the WAKFU online shop and the Ankama Shop.

Online game Midnight Pack Shop - November 17, 2022

Are you a dreamer at heart but you stay grounded when necessary? Stop hoping it will get dark at 2 p.m.: the Midnight Pack is all you need. Oh! It seems we have your attention… You already have stars in your eyes!

There's no getting around it: Lance Dur news is everywhere you look! You can't turn around without bumping into a spiky-haired character with an angular frame or the drawn blade of a mute knight whose menacing air does all the talking. To celebrate this new project that reaches into all of Ankama's many universes, two Cire Momore figurines are now emerging from their cave!

Online game Items Back from the Past… Shop - November 10, 2022

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

Ankama Kwismas Pack – Cire Momore Shop - November 09, 2022

Hard-hitting arguments and a guest star with steely resolve: You need to have an iron will to successfully resist this new Kwismas Pack. Take a look at the contents of this beautiful welding of scrap metal and nostalgia… It contains: a Best of DOFUS Mag Collector's Edition and accompanying Lance Dur issue! But act now, supplies are limited to just 1,000!

Online game Shadow Pack Shop - November 03, 2022

With Al Howin over, you have put your quirkiness back in the closet and put on a different costume: Now you are the reclusive and enigmatic guy, the mysterious and inaccessible girl. Or the other way round. You know what we mean… the irresistible type! Add a Shadow Bow Meow at your side, and you'll definitely be the prince or princess at your next party…

New year, new KrosmoNote, new Krosmopack! Whether your adventure is set in the Wakfu Era or Dofus Era, you're sure to always have fun on your own account! Hurry and check out this pack, which will follow you wherever you go…   

Online game Guild Dynast Pack Shop - October 27, 2022

Belonging to a guild is always a source of pride. You go around as a group, swaggering all the way. You come up with inventive ways of saying "hello" to one another. You even go so far as to plant your flag on the slightest piece of land. To prove to everyone that your guild is the best, once and for all, what if you simply wore its colors?

The most fatal day in the Krosmic calendar has never been this elegant (or, dare we say, this sexy). The complete Julith Costume and the Fricadavera Pack must have something to do with it. Just like you. Ready to take on a wicked look?

After months packed with new merchandise, did you really think that the Ankama Shop team would hunker down in their lair and hibernate all winter? Ha ha! You clearly don't know them at all… They're already busy abusing testing upcoming tie-in merchandise. If you want to know more about what they're up to, check out the livestream devoted specifically to upcoming releases and goodies at 4:00 p.m. (Paris time) on Thursday, October 20!

Online game Imagirorukam Pack Shop - October 13, 2022

Plenty of ink has flowed under the bridge since you ventured into the lands of Wukin and Wukang. Still, the adventure left an indelible mark on your memory… So how about reliving that chapter of your career as an adventurer by getting the Imagirorukam Pack that is inspired by it?

For adventurers hoping to make their mark, you want to start off strong and end the fight on a high note. If that's you, you're in luck – through Thursday, November 3, runs and finishers will be available from the shop for 2,000 ogrines!

Online game Nora Pack Shop - October 04, 2022
Priestess of the Great Goddess cult,, temporary guardian of the Eliacube and the Emerald Primordial Dofus – the young Eliatrope disciple Nora was propelled to heroine status, forced to confront her people's misfortune. Perhaps if you get the pack inspired by her, you too will have an incredible destiny…?
Online game Emote: Take a Bath Shop - September 29, 2022

What's more pleasant and relaxing than a nice hot bubble bath? A massage? Not wrong… A hearty meal of comfort food? Sure, that too. How's that? Gentle piano music? Yeah, but… All right, quit being difficult and go take a soak, would ya??

As far as the demons in the Shustuft Crust are concerned, he's been in the doghouse for a while. Tired of being rejected by his peers, the shushu Rubilax has decided to get his revenge by becoming a cuddly friend to little kids everywhere! Brace yourself for his most fearsome attack: a massive strike of ultimate softness and supreme cuteness. This one's gonna hurt…

Online game Astropack Shop - September 22, 2022

Do you sometimes wonder whether there really is someone for you in this world? Have you ever considered that you might find your soul mate somewhere else? Like, in a galaxy far far away? Look up and let your eyes wander to the farthest Krosmic strata… There, just maybe, a little green being with slimy skin is willing to do anything to win your love. Get the Astropack for a date truly out of this world.

Online game Forgotten Island Pack Shop - September 08, 2022

All the great explorers know that even to this day, there are still any number of uncharted islands in the World of Twelve. Some of these lands are home to ancient peoples who have intentionally chosen to isolate themselves from the world. The Forgotten Island pack honors one of these mysterious civilizations.

Online game Have a Picnic Emote Shop - August 25, 2022

It's another day of grueling adventure – hunger is gnawing at you, and tiredness is overwhelming you. Why don't you just sit there, surrounded by nature, and enjoy a nice snack amid the birdsong? The Have a Picnic emote lets you do just that! (We've even put some cawwot sticks in there for you. Isn't that thoughtful?)

Online game Surf Run: The New Wave Shop - August 18, 2022

A new run just washed up on your vacation beach. It offers new sensations and will make you feel like a snapper riding a mega wave. It's pure adrenaline!

Online game Musketeer Pack Shop - August 11, 2022

Are bravery, justice, courtesy, and a hatred of moskitos some of the values you hold most dear? If so, you certainly have the soul of a "Moskiteer". Which is reason enough to acquire the Musketeer Pack! Need another reason? The costume oozes class and the mount skin does not ooze anything, thankfully.

It's getting hot out! Very hot! Prices are melting like ice cream in the sun in the WAKFU Shop. So, adjust your goggles, pull up your swim trunks, and dive into the water before you miss the wave!

Online game Petrifying Costume Shop - July 28, 2022

Inspired by an ancestral creature that once lived in the Shustuft Crust, this costume is sure to rock your enemies. And that is a good thing, of course!

Make your mark and drive away evil spirits – that's what the Kitsoune Pack promises to help you do with its costume and pet. Get ready to send the Yokai and other ghast threats back to their graves!