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Enutrof or kamas, which came first? Legend has it that the god Enutrof minted the first kama ever on Aperirel 26. It's just a legend, but no one wants to risk annoying a god that's already grumpy enough, so he'll be celebrated in the new God pack, available starting today!

Are you a rebel? If so, this is the costume for you! Celebrate the arrival of the Brotherhood of the Tofu by donning the Adamai Costume! This animated costume, set with glistening Eliatrope Dofus, will come with packs of 13,000 OG or more until April 16!

Starting today, a pack is coming to the shop to celebrate the imminent in-game arrival of your favorite heroes! The Brotherhood Pack will be available for €12 until the next update. Don't miss out!

Did you miss it when it was released during the Wakfu Season 3 broadcast on France 4? Good news: the WAKFU Series Mystery Box is back in the shop from March 30 to April 2. In the meantime, two new little items have made their way inside... 

You've kept the fun flowing for this year's Saint Potrick, but you've still got a few pints to polish off. It's always a good time to raise your glass! So now, get the "Cheers!" emote as a bonus gift when you use real currency to buy something from the Shop!

It's been long-awaited, and now it's finally here: The Invisible Set is in the Shop until March 26 for 2,000 Ogrines, or you can get it in a special pack with 5 Mimisymbics for only 5,000 Ogrines. Now you can show up in your birthday suit (or almost) in front of everyone…

You've gone back to healthy habits in the month of Eniripsa, and enjoyed the gentle pleasures of Saint Ballotwine. But with Saint Potrick on its way, things are going to be a lot different! The new Gods pack is all about Sacrier.  It's about to get wild in the taverns!

Wakfu MMORPG Summoning as a Gift! Shop - March 06, 2018

Good news for those who were planning to pay for purchases in Ogrines lately. If you stop by the Shop this week, the Summon a Pet emote will be added to your cart as a bonus gift, as soon as its total reaches 6,000 Ogrines. Take advantage of this offer until March 12!

Already 6 years as you walk its plains and forests. That you gird yourself in every corner of the World of Twelve. That you slaughter poor helpless creatures in its dungeons ... Aaah, what emotions! WAKFU celebrates its birthday and invites you to celebrate the event on Steam, where you will find many gifts!

A new race has just appeared in the Shop! The Great Crate Race is a bonus gift whenever you purchase a pack of 13,000 or more Ogrines. You have until March 5 to take advantage of this offer! So race on over to give it a try!

Since WAKFU's birthday falls on February 29, it won't be celebrated this year… Aperirel Fools*! Did you really think we'd overlook the sixth anniversary of the MMO you love so much? All weekend long, everything in the Shop is half off! Happy anniversary!

Wakfu MMORPG Snap up the Cocodrile pet! Shop - February 19, 2018

This year, the freezing month of February won't be so harsh. Who do you have to thank for this? Eniripsa, the most loving and benevolent goddess there is! First it was the Eniripsa Pack, and now the Cocodrile pet is being offered in a flash sale, available in the Shop for 5,000 Ogrines. You only have until February 22 to make it yours!

Who better than Eniripsa to represent love and kindness? On Saint Ballotwine's Day and throughout the month of February, the goddess of healing will be honored. Without further ado, discover the Eniripsa Pack, available in the shop for €20 through February 21!

That gait, those snorts, that smell ... No question about it: It's a Gobball ! Does it seem tickled pink ? Of course it does: It's Saint Ballotwine's Day ! And Saint Ballotwine is all about love - with presents and a special pack!

Storm the battlefields with your claws bared and slobber flying! With the new Ouginak Pack, available starting today, you won't have to sit up and beg to take advantage of the new update!

Wakfu MMORPG An Emote in Your Ogrines! Shop - February 01, 2018

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? Now, all you've got to do is, well… But Do It! Give yourself a shot of motivation with this new emote, a bonus gift in packs of 5,000 or more Ogrines until February 5!

Run, Speedy Twelvian Mystery Box, run! Available in the Shop from January 29 to February 6 inclusive, it will give you the fleetest of feet and more pep in your step, whether you are chasing down an enemy, or fleeing like a coward!

You may be gobsmacked to discover: from January 23 to 29, there will be a flash sale in the Shop on the Gobgob pet for a price of 2,500 ogrines. Don't miss out!

After Iop, Xelor, and Cra, all eyes are now on the most divine of all the moggies! From January 16 to 22, the Feisty Kitty Costume will be on sale in the Shop for $5.00 or 4,500 Ogrines. There's one small particularity: It's a lively outfit that adapts to the color of your hair!

Wakfu MMORPG 30% Off on Consumables! Shop - January 12, 2018

From January 12 to 15, enjoy 30% off on all consumables! Now's the time to boost your character or simply discover certain items you haven't yet had the chance to try out. Don't miss out!

What do the start of the year and the end of your next fights have in common? Ecaflip! More precisely, the Ecaflip Finisher, which comes with 30 day Boosters until January 15. For this first month of the year, those of you who get on like a Bow Wow and Bow Meow will have a great time!

One year to the day after we announced the arrival of the Gradon, we proudly present a new harness in honor of the great Nogord Wungleezared, prismatic dragon and master of the 4 elements: the Prismatic Harness! Giddy-up! To the shop!


That's it, the Clockwork Ball is over. Your brand new calendar is already full of New Year's resolutions, starting with emptying out your overflowing closets. How convenient: We've got just what you need to fill them up again! Until January 8, the Karnaval Costume is yours as a bonus gift. Don't miss out!

Saying goodbye to one year and hello to the next in the in the World of Twelve – what a splendid idea! With the 3-Day God Booster, on sale from December 29 to January 1, the last weekend of 2017 will be unforgettable!