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Set out to explore an array of new features with WAKFU Update 1.76, known as New Horizons and now available for download!

The World of Twelve is beginning a new chapter. How the story unfolds will depend on your heroic deeds…

Away from Rushu's prying eyes, five forgotten islands in Shustuft Crust await you in WAKFU Update 1.74, available now!

Tremble, pitiful mortals! Your final hour is at hand. The one that'll lead you to the farthest reaches of Shustuft Crust, the scorched land of demons!

A hot beta from our ovens is waiting for you in the game. Be one of the first players to discover one of the forgotten areas of Shustuft Crust...

Update 1.73 is online! Log in to the game to check out the new content!
Online game Update 1.73: Get Ready! Updates - September 17, 2021

Update 1.72 let you realize your full brawling potential. We're keeping it going with a new update on Tuesday, September the 21st,  that'll have some fight in it, too! Read on to find out what's in store.

It's here! The latest WAKFU update, entitled Versus, is available now. Log in to the game to check out the new content that's described below!

Update 1.71 is online! Find out now what it has in store for you!

It's almost here! And it's going to be a big one… Update 1.72, mainly focused on improvements to PvP and PvM, will arrive in the game on June 22. Ready to play?

Some say it went plip, plop, splash. Others that it was more of a shabam and a shaboom. At any rate, there's something unheard of in Shhhudoku Kingdom. Update 1.70 is live – log in to the game now!

Update 1.70 is about to wash up on the World of Twelve. This otherworldly update is several megapods and carved into stone. But it'll take more than that to scare off an adventurer of your caliber, right…?

The new Shhhudoku Kingdom will be open to beta testers tomorrow! Muster your thirst for discovery and attention to detail in order to give us your precious feedback.

Update 1.69 is now online. Are you ready?

Update 1.68 is online now. Are you ready?

WAKFU Update 1.67 is online now. Are you ready?

We've moved heaven and earth, we've toiled day and night: now it's time for you to harvest what we planted! A brand spanking new Sadida Kingdom awaits you. The environment and amazement are guaranteed to last a long time. Now it's up to you to befoul it with a clear conscience.

Online game Update 1.66 here we come! Updates - December 06, 2019

Time is distorting, the wait seems endless and you've been pacing for days now. Yet, this time the temporal anomalies have nothing to do with it! You will soon be rewarded for your patience: you can breath now, the "The Sadida Kingdom" update will be online starting this comingDecember 10!

Yesterday was the KrosmoNote, the presentation you were able to view on Ankama Live (or even attend for the luckiest!). Tons of exclusive news was revealed, and you learned a little more about beta 1.66. Watch or rewatch the behind-the-scenes video about the Sadida Kingdom!

Beta Update 1.66 is now online! You swooned at the sight of the verdant countryside during the WAKFU series episode all about it. Now it's time to discover the Sadida Kingdom with your own eyes! Don't delay, play now!
Online game The update is here! Updates - September 24, 2019

Are you ready for the Return of the Thirsters? Grab your bamboo milk bottles and get ready to quench a few of these shambling creeps!

Summer is definitely over, and it's time to go back to reality. What better way to ease the pain than with a shiny new update? Update 1.65 will finally be arriving in-game on September 24th. So get ready!

Online game 28 Months Later Updates - September 13, 2019

The boat glided swiftly across the sea. Pandiego held out his chin like a Dauge outside the window of a carriage. With eyes closed and wearing a smile, he was enjoying the fresh morning breeze on his face. How nice it was to feel the wind slip through his mane! Like a sweet caress, well earned after everything he had just endured…

Update 1.64 is finally online! Log in to the game now to see the lush and idyllic landscapes of Pandalucia with your own eyes!

While you've been off enjoying your summer, the WAKFU teams have been hard at work! The Beta 1.65 server is online, and you can use it to test certain elements of the impending update. Now's your chance to find out what changes are on their way!