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Online game A Survey About Classes Info - July 13, 2021

We've previously stated that we want to revamp the Osamodas class in 2021. However, we won't be able to complete the project this year.


It's time for another round of sales in the online Ankama Shop! Take a deep breath, because this first mark-down* features breathtaking deals!

As we announced in an earlier post, to celebrate the launch of Super Nano Blaster on the Ankama Launcher, we're organizing a leaderboard competition that will let the best of you get rewards for DOFUS and WAKFU!

If you've been following our news, you know that a new game was just published by Ankama. With Super Nano Blaster, we're departing from the Krosmoz and delving into the bowels of technology. Check it out now in the Ankama Launcher!

If you like clowning around, aren't afraid to look silly, and tend to spread laughter and joy wherever you go… maybe you should join the circus! Oh, and incidentally, maybe you should pick up the Motley Costume, which is clearly made for you.

We're departing from the Krosmoz for a bit to announce a new game coming to Ankama Launcher on June 16: Super Nano Blaster! 

It's as if Kerub Crepin has multiple lives! Hmm… Hold on a minute… Now through June 22, visit the Ankama Launcher to catch the next adventures of the craziest cat in the Krosmoz!

Today, two new features are on their way to make your beloved Ankama accounts even better! The non-unique nickname system is aimed at making your life easier, while two-factor authentication will keep your account safer. Let's take a closer look at both features!

There's a new kid (or, more precisely, an old classic) in town in the Ankama Launcher. Experience the magic and wonder of FLY'N, the soaring, highly addictive, and totally free PC game made right here at Ankama!

The new WAKFU beta will be here soon! Get ready to discover two new features that await you in the game!

Everywhere he goes, he leaves a trail of hair behind… and his thrilling exploits will leave YOUR hair standing on end! A new set of Kerub Crepin's ongoing adventures are now available in the Ankama Launcher!

For some people, even getting off the couch to grab a fresh bag of Cheeken Chips from the kitchen is enough adventure for one day. Others are driven by a voyager's spirit and a need to explore new places, like Magus Ax and his niece Aster Ax. What about you? Which category do you belong to?

Good news: He has meow returned! The coolest Grampy in the Krosmoz reveals his wildest adventures. Hurry and watch the first 10 episodes of the animated series DOFUS: Kerub's Bazaar!

Starting Wednesday, March 31, a new European directive (PSD2) will take effect for all payments made using a debit or credit card and issued within the EEA (European Economic Area).

Chocolate Kwak eggs are about to start pouring from the skies over the World of Twelve. So it's the perfect time for certain 100% chocolate items to make their big comeback too! Designed around items and packs brought back from the past, the Fleaster Pack is a delicious way to indulge yourself!

They're back. And they're more lovely, more creative, and funnier than ever. Alvi and company unveil all the latest Ankama news in a new episode of Ankama (Not) Live. Hurry up and watch it!

We've made accessing your account more secure. This change will be practically seamless for you.

Do you enjoy changing the skins on your mounts? Well, if you like pimping your ride, you're going to love primping your pets! A brand-new cosmetic item is now available in the WAKFU Shop!

Your MMO will be celebrating its birthday on February 29! Now you're thinking: "Oh, no! There's no February 29 this year! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?? WHAT WILL BECOME OF US?" Calm down. Take a deep breath. With the help of the god Xelor, we've got it covered and we even have a gift for you…

A little beta still hot from our ovens is waiting for you in the game. What are you waiting for? Take a bite now!

The Beta 1.71 is coming! Before you rush in head first, join us for a live show about it. See you tomorrow on our Twitch channel, and the day after tomorrow for the official release of this new beta!

A page is turning, and a new chapter is about to be written… But before diving head-first into 2021, we invite you to take a quick look in the rear-view mirror! Let's take some time (the length of a video) to remember, together, the things that most strongly marked the year 2020.

A new chapter begins… To celebrate the new year, WAKFU has put all the little boxes into a big one: everybody gets a Rubik's Cube Mystery Box for free! Come pick up yours from the online shop while you can!

All backers for the Wakfu Season 4 Kickstarter campaign can now use the code that was emailed to them!