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After weeks of sweat, laughter, and tears, the two teams still standing in WAKFU Warriors will face off, and the battle should be legendary…

Picture it: You've got one week to beat as many dungeons as you can and get the highest score with a 3-character team. Do you accept the challenge? Good thing – we just described Dungeon Infinite.

Because we know you love to dress up, we have decided to extend our cosplay contest to September 17, 11:59 PM (Paris time)! Do not miss this opportunity to exercise your greatest creative exploits and to stand out with your inventiveness, whether it's with your sewing machine, paper towel rolls or your furry friend!

Still scouring the tourist-packed, rock-covered, shady beaches for the perfect place to bronze those sweet cheeks and give yourself a tint that the Meridia Ju would be proud of? Don't waste your time searching for the perfect beach — create it!

WAKFU Warriors: Summer 2023 is now underway! The opening matches of the biggest inter-community, inter-server tournament in the WAKFU-verse are happening today. Planning to watch the event? Or even take part?

Once again, WAKFU Warriors returns this summer, more inclusive than ever! Ready to take part in the biggest inter-community, inter-server tournament in the WAKFU 'verse?

So you can't make it to Japan Expo from July 13 to 16, whether it's because you're too far away, on vacation, or just a bit short on kamas… But that doesn't mean you can't still take part! ANK'osplay, the contest that reveals the hero or heroine within you, is 100% remote this year!

At this point, you're probably familiar with Gobbstock: one theme, two categories, and lots of prizes to snag. What's different this year? You'll have to give it your all to win!

Can you feel that little tickle inside your skull? That means Tiny, the Meridia of Imagination, has planted another one of his ideas in your head! Take advantage of this sudden inspiration by participating in our story creation contest, and you could win some great gifts with Tiny's blessing!

In honor of Fairy Lax Day, which commemorates… Huh? You… you don't know what Fairy Lax Day is? Sounds like a little reminder is in order! And once you're up to speed, you can fully enjoy the 25% bonus on profession XP for all of next week!

Some of you might have been waiting for it: Ankama's avatar creation contest is back! Grab your weapons – whether it's your sharpened crayons or your shiny graphics tablet – put on your best war paint, and… chaaaaarge!

Flovor 2nd has given us the idea of holding a cooking contest to make Ruevas drool. The only question is will you dare enter and win the prizes up for grabs?

It's time to share this year's Boss Smasher calendar! What exclusive titles will you win? What bosses will make you a legend? (But whether you're a living or dead one is up to you.) Let's find out together! 

You may be one of the lucky ones to have escaped the wintry chill and are now enjoying the warmer climes of a tropical island, but you probably haven't forgotten about Kwismas. Basking in the sun while the Frigostians are freezing their buttons off is one thing, but missing all those Descendre 24 gifts is simply unthinkable!

From Friday, December 30, to Friday, January 6, take part in the Twitch Drops campaign for the launch of the Ereboria: The Cursed Island update to receive exclusive items in WAKFU!

Another year full of twists and turns comes to a close. Full of victories and defeats… Full of pride and regret… But there's no point dwelling on the past: what's done is done! Yet, there's still much to achieve, and now is not the time to rest on your laurels! So, what do you say to three bonuses to start 2023 on the right foot?

First launched in 976 (2018), the WAKFU Warriors PvP tournament is back for a really special event: 10 Years of WAKFU!

Recently, at Japan Expo, we challenged you to visit us disguised as your favorite Ankama character and have your picture taken (and, most importantly, to win prizes too). And now that we've called on our community's talents as costume designers and actors, we're asking you to play one more role: that of impartial judges!

From Friday, July 29 to Monday, August 1, take part in the Twitch Drops campaigns for the launch of the New Horizons update to receive exclusive items in WAKFU!

Think you know everything about the first few Ultimate Bosses of the WAKFU era? Wait till you see what they have in store for you in Update 1.76New Horizons! Take part in a new Ultimate Boss hunt for a chance to score prizes that'll make you the envy of other adventurers wherever you go!

Hear that bellowing sound echoing through the rivers and mountains? It's singing (or possibly screaming) coming from WAKFU, audible as far as the Sureberry Fields! Tune your instruments, warm up your pipes, and assemble your busking troupe, because it's gonna be poppin' like your eardrums: the musical event of the year kicks off with a bang!

After two years of involuntary confinement, Ankama can once again attend Japan Expo! And why not take advantage of this joyous occasion to pay us a little visit dressed as your favorite character? Give it your best shot because your cosplay could earn you some nice rewards… 

From Friday, June 3 to Friday, June 17, the trools will be making a ruckus – and they've invited you to a verbal joust of troolish punchlines! Join this delightfully irreverent contest to try and score prizes and leave your mark on the game!

For this new contest, we won't be asking you to use your imagination as usual… because this time, it's your pet's turn (whether in-game or real-life). When it comes to annoying behavior, we all know how creative our furry and feathered friends can be… But we also know that one way or another, the bill always comes due. And these pets have got a lot to answer for!