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We know this is a hot subject for many of you - you've sent us a lot of feedback asking for the Spell Leveling System to be reexamined and we listened!  We took to heart all of your comments and have come up with a new and enhanced, revised version of the old system that should, hopefully, fix all of the problems you’ve been experiencing so far. Click here to read more!

The first episode of Frigost begins… now! A gigantic, ice-bound island was recently discovered, and a boat is waiting in Cania Bay to transport you there. Prepare yourself for an epic journey into the mysterious! Poke your nose into every corner of Permafrost Port and interrogate the villagers about their island stories before you start exploring outside of the village walls. The events that have shaped Frigost defy the limits of a sane imagination. If you investigate, you might discover what happened… but beware! Count Harebourg is watching you from his castle at the volcano’s summit. You’ve tested your strength against the creatures of Sakai, now you can sail to Frigost and discover our content-packed first episode: six untamed new environments to chart, four unconquered dungeons suitable for players level 100 to 180, and one of six wild new monster families will confront you in each new area – from the frozen plains to the edge of a volcano. You won't have to worry about getting bored as almost 80 exclusive quests will have you exploring the history of the island and its inhabitants and unlocking different areas to gain even more tempting rewards. Moreover, in this first episode of Frigost, you’ll reveal recipes for four new sets, and over 30 other unique objects to wear! There is almost no end to the adventures that are possible in Frigost and it all starts today!

Yesterday all around the world people were celebrating the World Music Day. What better occasion to bring sound to light? After tough negotiations, we managed to obtain a few animations with sound-effects just for you! So turn on your speakers or put on your headphones, because Wakfu wants to be heard! ♫ Click here to read the devblog article!

  The flowers are in bloom, the sun is finally showing its face and, for some, school is almost over! It’s summer time! And even if the sun doesn’t quite reach you, Wakfu will be there to brighten your day! Find out what your Community Manager has in store for you in the hot months to come - Click here to read the devblog article.

You’ve been dying to meet them, haven’t you? Nothing would make you happier than to have your very own pet Gobball…

After having poked their snouts in for the first time at Ankama Convention #5, the Coney and the Gobball from the DOFUS Pets Soft Toys range are now available on the Ankama Shop website! Between a little Coney who’ll boost your energy from the moment you get up and a grumpy but adorable Gobball, which one will tug at your heartstrings more?  Find all the soft toys from the DOFUS universe on the Ankama Shop website

It wasn’t an easy task to determine the winners of the Create-a-set Contest - we’ve received numerous unique and wonderful artworks, but a choice had to be made. The judges, Sephy, Zidrune and Kaoly, have come to a consensus. The sets were judged on creativity, originality, humour and coherence with the Wakfu universe.  We’ve chosen the top 3, and have two special mention categories, one for arsenal, and the other for the Jury’s individual favorites! Click here to see the results!  

With summer right around the corner, the forums have become a smooth quiet sea... but now's the time to make a few waves! Equip your knowledge of the game, put on your best arguments and come defend your favorite class on the Official Forums. Who has the best gameplay? What class dominates others in combat? Now’s your chance to let us know!

With summer right around the corner, the forums have become a smooth quiet sea… It may be hot, but it’s no reason to lie lazily in the sun!

Equip your knowledge of the game and your best arguments and come defend your favorite class on the Official Forums! Who has the best gameplay? What class dominates others in combat?

Now’s your chance to let us know!

If you’re already a paid-up member of the Cult of the Cawwot and fluent in the language of the Wabbits, you’re definitely ready to welcome the band of Wabbits that have invaded Ankama Shop! You’ll love the Tiwabbit Tote Bag, as greedy as it is practical, and the Cawwot Pencil Case, that an obstinate Tiwabbit Wosungwee desperately clings to, and that you can take everywhere. And if you’re brave enough, challenge the Wo Wabbit and try to avoid his formidable teeth! You’ll find the Wabbits and all the other soft toys from the world of DOFUS on the Ankama Shop website!

10,000 years before DOFUS, the story of the Eliatropes was written amid the Chaos… A few months before Islands of Wakfu - Ankama’s first Xbox 360TM game - is released, find out more about the story of Nora and Efrim on its official website.
Come and have a look and join in yourselves: chat with the game designers on their blog about the origin of the primal energy, Wakfu. It's up to you how the story unfolds! Visit the Islands of Wakfu official website

Online game Create-a-Set Contest Info - May 14, 2010

Tired of looking at the same old equipment? Convinced that the color teal hasn’t been used to its full potential? Here’s your chance to make it all better! You have one month to send us your ideas for the ideal set! And you never know, your dreams just might come true - your creation could come to life ingame!  Click here to read the contest instructions

This week's dev hour features level Designer Kurashuji.

Here's what he has to say: "My job involves making scenarios and scripted events for places like Incarnam and dungeons.

Recently I worked on a whole new area of Incarnam, focusing on the ecosystem. Rather than doing a formal and cold presentation of this region, I decided to... "

Click here to read more of Kurashiji's post

This week's dev hour features Sound Designer Michou.

Here's what he has to say: "Sound files will no longer start at the beginning of an area and end when you enter another.

From now on, they will be independent and linked to the factors present on your screen. For example, mountains, rains, winds... "

Click here to read more of Michou's post

Today, on the dev hour we bring you a new beginning!

It is a time for change and revolution. Fhenris, level-designer here at Ankama, unveils all and tells you our plans for the future, for the years to come.

Wakfu will never be the same!

Click here to read Fhenris’ post and find out what lies ahead!

In this week's Dev Hour you'll learn about the Osamodas!

Game-Designer Tonio brings you an exclusive and detailed look into the world of these mystical Osamodas. All of their spells have been revealed!

Click here to read Tonio's post


Exclusive artworks... a look inside the mind of a graphic artist... and a fun little game for you to do at home! Find all that and more on this week’s Dev Hour.

Click here to read Baba’s post

Happy Gaming!

Today’s Dev Hour features graphic artist Alhera, who share with us the tricks of the trade!

Find out all the steps leading to the creation of an ingame Work of Art... from the original artwork to the finished product!

Click here to read Alhera’s Dev Hour post

This week’s dev hour features animator Milkah. Discover the persona, get a glimpse of his imaginary world… and learn about the arcane art of animation, with a visual presentation of the first few steps! Click here to read Milkah’s dev hour post!

Wakfu v0.215 will be online on Wednesday, April 28, 2010.

Curious about what the new Osamodas are like? Wonder just how the ecoystem has changed? 

Read the Patch Note to find out!

Happy Gaming!

This week’s dev hour features Level Builder, BenK.

Here’s an excerpt from his post: “Have you ever heard of Toh Lo? Does the name ring a bell? What if I told you that he was an incredibly powerful Osamodas that was beaten to a pulp by Ogrest, a long long time ago… does that jog your memory?” Click here to read more of BenK's post!

In today’s dev hour, Jonat talks to you about man’s best friend... the Gemlin! Find out how Gemlingems come to be and what the future holds in store for them!! Maybe... you'll even recognize a familiar creature...? Click here to read Jonat’s post!  

The censorship committee has taken hold of the dev hour – some information has been swallowed up, but don’t worry – you’ll still get a feast for the eyes!

Click here to read this week’s dev hour post!

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“ Roses are red
Violets are blue
I killed 1000 gobballs
To make a hat for you :) ”

The winners are in for the writing contest! Chosen for their originality, poetic skill or daring humour, they are:

MissFire, Awerabcawer, SweetSister

Also, a special mention was given to Cyberforce-tg for his valiant effort in the “roses are red” poem that charmed every single one of the judges!

Congratulations to all of you!

On this week’s Dev Hour, Game-Designer Tonio talks to you about the hottest addition coming with the next patch - the Pandawas!

And yes, if you haven’t read the dev hour 6 already, our beloved furry friends will soon land in the World of Twelve!

Click here to get a preview of the Pandawa class and read about their spells and general tactics.

Wakfu v0.213 will be online on Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

Pandawas have finally made a comeback! Discover them all over again in the new Incarnam area where the Kano Master, Chauchanne and Gargawolf are waiting for you!  
Click here to read the patch note!

Happy Gaming!