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Wakfu MMORPG Ankama Live - Wakfu #2 Info - April 19, 2018

Here's a recap of our second Ankama Live. On this episode, we talk about Guild services, Stasis dungeon revamp, community projects, and more!

Enutrof or kamas, which came first? Legend has it that the god Enutrof minted the first kama ever on Aperirel 26. It's just a legend, but no one wants to risk annoying a god that's already grumpy enough, so he'll be celebrated in the new God pack, available starting today!

Wakfu MMORPG Q & A with the team Info - April 13, 2018

In preparation for Ankama Live #2, we are giving you feedback on relevant questions asked on our previous stream!

Are you a rebel? If so, this is the costume for you! Celebrate the arrival of the Brotherhood of the Tofu by donning the Adamai Costume! This animated costume, set with glistening Eliatrope Dofus, will come with packs of 13,000 OG or more until April 16!

Wakfu MMORPG Community Spotlight #1 Info - April 10, 2018

Last March, we launched the Show Off Your Creativity project to honor the diverse talents of our passionate players. Today, discover their masterpiece and get ready to be dazzled!

Season 3 of WAKFU is finally coming to Netflix worldwide tomorrow. Come help us out with it!

Got that itchy, scratchy, tickly feeling? You've probably got a Wodent hair down your shirt! The best thing to do is scratch back – and win gifts too! The Fleaster-O-Fleaster game offers two tickets a day* through Sunday, April 8!

Starting today, a pack is coming to the shop to celebrate the imminent in-game arrival of your favorite heroes! The Brotherhood Pack will be available for €12 until the next update. Don't miss out!

Wakfu MMORPG Update 1.59 is online! Info - April 03, 2018

The heroes of the series are coming to the game, bringing with them a fresh wave of novelties on WAKFU: new quests, a new game mode for battlefields, reworks and improvements... 


Before it was an MMORPG, Wakfu was an animated series telling the story of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, a group of adventurers scouring the World of Twelve for answers! But what's the connection to the game?

It's finally Friday the 6th of April, the most suitable date for a launch, that season 3 of the WAKFU series will be available on Netflix worldwide. This will allow you to fully enjoy the weekend of the Fleaster Egg Hunt and collect a lot of treats to enjoy in front of your upcoming episodes!

Did you miss it when it was released during the Wakfu Season 3 broadcast on France 4? Good news: the WAKFU Series Mystery Box is back in the shop from March 30 to April 2. In the meantime, two new little items have made their way inside... 

For this update, we've refreshed the experience given by most of the game's quests, increased the Kama gains for several of them and, above all, we've created a new, more community-oriented way of doing things on certain repeatable quests. Let's see what it's about!

If you come across a White Wodent yelling, "Late, always late!" let it go! It's trying to turn you away from the Fleaster egg hunt. On the other hand, don't hesitate to chase their fellow wodents. That could pay off big time! And if you feel something scratching you, don't worry: it's the Fleaster-O-Fleaster and his new rewards!

In the next update, you'll have the chance to see some familiar faces in-game… and some pretty famous ones, at that! Before fate brought them together, the members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu were each doing their own very different things around the World of Twelve.

With only a few days left until April 1st and the international release of WAKFU Season 3 on Netflix, between Tuesday, March 27 and Wednesday, April 4, we're offering you the chance to win a Netflix subscription and other prizes on Twitter and Facebook!

You've kept the fun flowing for this year's Saint Potrick, but you've still got a few pints to polish off. It's always a good time to raise your glass! So now, get the "Cheers!" emote as a bonus gift when you use real currency to buy something from the Shop!

To accompany the worldwide release of WAKFU: The Series on NETFLIX on April 1, 2018, ANKAMA is developing a new adventure game for mobile devices. It's the perfect way to discover the extended KROSMOZ universe that WAKFU is a part of – a mix of animation, video games and graphic novels.

It's been long-awaited, and now it's finally here: The Invisible Set is in the Shop until March 26 for 2,000 Ogrines, or you can get it in a special pack with 5 Mimisymbics for only 5,000 Ogrines. Now you can show up in your birthday suit (or almost) in front of everyone…

Wakfu MMORPG Boss Smasher #11 Event - March 21, 2018

Get ready for a hard-hitting event, the Boss Smasher! Complete the Stasis version of the Kokokobana Dungeon between March 22 and 26 to get exclusive rewards! 

Here's a recap of our very first Ankama Live. On this episode, we talk about Update 1.59 and future plans with this week's guest, Jonquille

For the next update (1.59), we've completely overhauled the design of the "Capture the Flowers" battlefield, and we're adding new variants to existing battlefields!

It's Saint Potrick once again, and that means it's your chance to play one… no, scratch that… two tickets per day! From tomorrow through March 19th, play Quick Potrick and win gifts that will have all your friends turning green with envy!

You've gone back to healthy habits in the month of Eniripsa, and enjoyed the gentle pleasures of Saint Ballotwine. But with Saint Potrick on its way, things are going to be a lot different! The new Gods pack is all about Sacrier.  It's about to get wild in the taverns!