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Online game Update 1.81: Get Ready! Info - September 26, 2023

As time goes by, WAKFU is always looking for ways to improve. With each passing day, it does its best to become a better MMO – a "better version of itself", as they say. And to think, it's all especially for you… The next update, slated for release on Tuesday, October 3, proves this yet again!

Online game Class Umbrellas: Second Wave Shop - September 21, 2023

The first batch of 6 received a flood of praise – now check out 6 more Class Umbrella emotes! Is yours one of them?

Online game A Fairy Pack for You Shop - September 14, 2023

For fairies to exist, you just have to believe in them. And if you want to look like one, that's simple too: just pick up the Fairy Pack!

Online game Items Back from the Past… Shop - September 07, 2023

They came, you saw them, but you missed them (and you're still missing them). Now they're back! Our head-hunters have tracked down the most popular items in the past and are offering them for sale, individually and permanently!

An all-new beta version of WAKFU is ready for you to test from top to bottom, inside and out. Adventurers of the World of Twelve, version 1.81 is available for download from Ankama Launcher, and we're here to tell you all about its content…

While your customers were away, you spent all summer basking in the sun, baiting snappers. Now they're back from Bilbiza, it's time to reel in your loyal customers once again and make some kamas!

WAKFU's beta server will soon update to version 1.81! Twelvians, be among the first to tinker with, test and explore the new version of the game!

Get ready to set sail in a colorful, post-apocalyptic world in the free public WAVEN Early Access on PC, online now!

After weeks of sweat, laughter, and tears, the two teams still standing in WAKFU Warriors will face off, and the battle should be legendary…

Picture it: You've got one week to beat as many dungeons as you can and get the highest score with a 3-character team. Do you accept the challenge? Good thing – we just described Dungeon Infinite.

Because we know you love to dress up, we have decided to extend our cosplay contest to September 17, 11:59 PM (Paris time)! Do not miss this opportunity to exercise your greatest creative exploits and to stand out with your inventiveness, whether it's with your sewing machine, paper towel rolls or your furry friend!

Online game Badlands Packs Shop - August 10, 2023

Reveal your true nature in the Badlands! Are you an audacious Ohwymi explorer? Maybe a relentless Castuc hunter? Or perhaps you invoke the powers of mystical divinities…

As you surely remember, we came to you earlier this year with a happy announcement: the online Ankama Shop now features a series of adorable pins and pocket-sized stuffed toys that are softer than the pads on a Bow Meow's paws. Well, brace yourself: it seems that a new litter of Creatures has just been born…

Still scouring the tourist-packed, rock-covered, shady beaches for the perfect place to bronze those sweet cheeks and give yourself a tint that the Meridia Ju would be proud of? Don't waste your time searching for the perfect beach — create it!

Update 1.80 has been online for a few weeks now, and we'd like your opinion on it.
Online game The Classiest Umbrellas! Info - August 03, 2023

Are you the type to be swept away in a flood of emotions at the slightest reproof? Keep yourself dry with a critique-proof class umbrella!

WAKFU Warriors: Summer 2023 is now underway! The opening matches of the biggest inter-community, inter-server tournament in the WAKFU-verse are happening today. Planning to watch the event? Or even take part?
Online game DOFUS Pets Skins Shop - July 27, 2023
The shop is overrun with all the most adorable and unique pet skins from the mobile game that once was!

From July 13 through 16, Ankama was in Paris for Japan Expo, France's biggest Japanese pop culture event of the year! During the event, the WAKFU team stepped right into your homes through our Ankama Live Twitch channel. Were there any announcements or spoilers? We'll summarize the livestream for you in this dedicated post!

What you love about Ankama is its colorful universe, its flamboyant characters, its strategic combat games… and, of course, its goodies! It's just another part of the transmedia experience: great merchandise that pays homage to the original creation. And today, it's WAVEN's turn!

Online game 30% off on emotes Shop - July 20, 2023
Humble, hostile, proud, impressive or infantile: you've got until Thursday, August 3 to grab your favorites!
Online game Summer Pack Shop - July 13, 2023

You've had your sword, arrowheads, daggers and/or other favorite weapons to the grindstone all year long – now it's time for a few days of well-deserved vacation, far from the hustle and bustle of the World of Twelve. If you only bring one thing with you on your break, make sure it's the Summer Pack!

From July 13 through 16, Ankama will be waiting for you at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center for the not-to-be-missed Japanese pop culture event of the year: Japan Expo! For you, it's a kamafull occasion to come meet us. For us, it's an opportunity to treat you to a new Twitch Drops campaign!

Once again, WAKFU Warriors returns this summer, more inclusive than ever! Ready to take part in the biggest inter-community, inter-server tournament in the WAKFU 'verse?