Finally! You've made it to the big city! But you're going to have to leave your rough country manners behind and behave like a true city slicker. What? You don't know where to start? Don't panic. Thanks to the Smisse Odvaizor travel guide, you'll be a real Bontarian in no time at all!

Can you hear it? The crowd roaring in the stadium?

That's the sound of Bonta, the Gobbowl capital of the world! While you're here, you definitely need to take in a game, of course, but there's also lots more to see in the White City…

Divine Bonta

Is there any more radiant city? An architectural marvel, and demographic exception, Bonta shines with a million fires and has always drawn a crowd. Its green spaces, its streets, its arena, its castle – every minute spent in the city will be instantly engraved on your memory!

Wake Your Inner Athlete at Gobbowl Academy!

Admire the statues of this legendary sport's greatest heroes, marvel at the most epic trophies, uniforms and game statistics in this must-see site.

Bontarian Gobbowler Inn

Here, you'll find Bonta's best food and warmest welcome. The simple, delicious dishes are made using local products. If you're not a gobbowler yourself, it's even better: there'll be more for you! Indeed, athletes eat next to nothing the night before games…

Narnya Totep's Shop

Without a doubt, the best shop in the World of Twelve! They have everything. But we recommend going with a full purse if you want to do more than just window shop…


More excerpts from the Smisse Odvaizor travel guide are coming soon!

Until then, enjoy your stay in Bonta!

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