Adventurers of all stripes, don't venture out into the World of Twelve without your handy Smisse Odvaizor travel guide! Leisure activities, inns or taverns… Whatever you're looking for, all our recommendations are organized by town. Bask under the dark skies of Forfut today!

Do your friends keep telling you you're just too cheerful?

Moan and groan, nitpick, grumble, slam your fist on the table if things don't go your way… But do something, for Rushu's sake! You've got it bad, but it could be much worse! Lucky for you, after a trip recommended by Smisse Odvaizor, you'll finally go from looking on the bright side to going to a dark place…



Warning! Forfut Village is hazardous to your health.

It's always nighttime here. Aside from the creaking of dead trees and the freezing wind, there's just the flapping of Borbat wings. When a flash of lightning illuminates the sky, it finally appears: Vampyro Dungeon. Tremble, adventurers! It means you're still alive…


"Sticks and Stones"… may hurt you indeed!

Here's a place for real adventurers! For risk-takers! Staying at this inn is no walk in the park (a walk in the cemetery, maybe), but it certainly is memorable. Obviously we don't recommend sampling the house special: the mamaliga. But if you've made a reservation here, it's too late to worry about your health anyway.

Flip Tout



Forfut Manor

A must-see stop on your pilgrimage to this creepy land, Count Vampyro's castle has some surprises in store for you! Not a Bow Meow in sight, but plenty of Borbats… You've been warned! One of these could in fact be the lord of the manor, in which case you should avoid meeting his gaze so as not to become one of his ghouls… Also consider bringing along a Tofu!

The Misoleum: Good Luck Sleeping

Enter the Misoleum to meet a family of super charming monsters: the Zoogeymen! They're the heroes of countless stories for scaring children, but in reality, they're very sweet. That said, no one will judge you for wanting to call out for your mummy when you see them…

A new excerpt from the Smisse Odvaizor travel guide is coming soon!

In the meantime, try to survive in Forfut!

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