The largest travel agency in the Krosmoz since Charlie's Agents compiles and shares your recommendations on all the best in the cities and villages in the World of Twelve. Today, we're turning our attention to a village sure to please bargain hunters and fans of dark heroes alike: Kelba!

Planning a long trip in Kelba? Looking for an inexpensive inn, popular tavern, or the best vegetarian food? All our tips and not-to-be-missed spots for your visit to the Black Crow's cozy nest can be found in our Smisse Odvaizor 976 travel guide, available now in all the best city halls.

About Us

Hello. My name is Odvaizor Smisse. My family has been working in the travel and tourism industry for nearly 500 years. As far back as the Dofus era, my great-great-great-great-great-great… er… my ancestor, Charlie Endstown-Smisse, ran the largest travel agency in the Krosmoz – the famous Charlie's Agents agency.

Today, my mission is to collect and share useful travel tips from beginner and expert travelers, just for you. Each and every Smisse Odvaizor travel guide contains thousands of travel-related reviews and tips from customers in inns, taverns, restaurants, leisure spots, sporting activities and more in the cities and regions of the World of Twelve.

How do we do it? Comments are posted 24 hours a day from all four corners of the World of Twelve thanks to a unique magic spell. Adventurers who have mastered this spell can thus "write" in the air with their fingers and send us their reviews at any time. While we cannot be responsible for what they say, we will, however, ensure that messages that seem (too) insulting are not passed on.


Kelba, What a Lovely Town!

And that's no lie: green plains, vertiginous peaks, a unique market, top-notch shopping, and even a local celebrity… What more could anyone want?

Dizzying Heights

A huge helping of pure air is waiting for you in the green Kelba landscape. The bravest of you can take your travels to the highest heights, but be careful you don't slip! While the call of nature is strong, we nevertheless advise you keep your hand on your purse throughout your excursion as Riktus bandits also appreciate the green pastures.

A Market that Marks

… literally! You might find it freshly ravaged by the local star – Black Crow. And with a bit of luck, thrill seekers could even be there when the destruction hits! In any case, we recommend Hadibal Toot's stand for authentic Kelba merchandise.

A Must-Stop Top Shop

Kabrok's has the worlds biggest treasures for adventurers' greatest pleasure. Here, we sell everything, provided you can pay: Sadida bags, a Captain Amakna shield, the Trool Encyclopedia, even Tofu seeds… Here, we sell everything, everything!

More excerpts from the Smisse Odvaizor travel guide are coming soon!

Until then, Kelba's waiting for you!