The boss with the honor of inaugurating the new Boss Smasher formula walks crabwise. His sideways humor goes hand-in-hand with the mask he's picked. You've surely guessed who he is already – the Royal Cwab! But what do you really know about the crustacean who rose up against a Dreggon?

Some of his story is told in a children's tale…

Long, long ago, well before Ogrest's Chaos, several families of Cwabs lived in Turfo Canyon in Sufokia. Back then, the proportion of fine sand beaches to lush plants was perfect. And crustaceans weren't the only ones enjoying them. Lizards, Arachnees, Albatrociouses, and many more creatures lived in this idyllic hamlet where nature was generous and welcoming.

Then, one year, drought came. The sun took up all the room in the sky throughout the summer. At first, this was appreciated – then it became annoying. Crowds flocked massively to sources of water to cool off. And thus, in this game of luck that is life, the flora and fauna of Turfo Canyon drew their worst hand yet…

One morning, a colony of Dreggons arrived on the beach. Their camp showed no signs of being temporary and their behavior toward the environment was quite worrying for the flora and fauna, who had until then been living the good life. The Dreggons where there and seemed determined to stay until all the resources were gone. And until then, they'd gobble down the fish and crustaceans in the area greedily after baking them with their scalding breath.

Several families of Cwabs managed to take refuge a little ways away in the vegetation. Goodbye, sandy beach! Now, they had to be wily to get their sustenance from the sea. The Dreggons, of course, noticed the drop in the number of Cwabs, but that didn't seem to make them want to leave. For the Cwabs, a struggle for survival had begun…


One day, as they were making due with the leftovers that the invaders had tossed away in the thick vegetation, a young Dreggon surprised the crustaceans: "What are you doing?"

The Cwabs instantly scattered, scampering sideways into the underbrush.

"Don't be scared! I'm not like the others… I only eat roots and grains. I understand your fear… But I would never tell the others where you are."

Despite its deep, guttural voice, it spoke very clearly – for a Dreggon – and in a language that the crustaceans understood perfectly.

"Listen, if your living conditions are getting too difficult for you here, I know of a source of water nearby where the others never go. It's too far away for them, and besides, they already have everything they need closer to camp. If you want, I could help you settle there…"

One Cwab stepped forward. His eyes were dark with anger. He rubbed his pincers frenetically, producing a sequence of diverse sounds that the Dreggon seemed to understand easily.

"Calm… yes… calm down… I'm just trying to help. I get why you don't trust me. Can I take one of you there and show them that it really exists? Then, I'll bring them back so you can talk about it and reach a decision as a group…"

The angry Cwab turned to the others. Pincers rubbed. After a long rumbling, silence returned. The angry Cwab announced that he was willing to go with the Dreggon to verify its story. If he didn't come back, all the others would know that the "scaly thing" had lied. Plus, he was the oldest of the Cwabs, and if they were going to risk sacrificing one of their own, it might as well be him.


The wait lasted an eternity. The Cwabs wavered between trembling with doubt and reassuring each other hopefully. Finally, after an hour, the Dreggon returned with the old Cwab. The old Cwab was shaking with joy. To him, it was if they'd found part of their lost paradise! Everyone wanted to go, but the Dreggon couldn't take them all at the same time. It took several crustaceans on its back, including the old Cwab, for the first trip. Forty-five minutes later, it was back to take the second group of crustaceans. Half an hour later, it was back.

A small blue Cwab, who had the distinctive feature of having one pincer that was much bigger than the rest of his body, stepped out of the ranks and asked the scaly creature how come it was making the trip in less and less time while carrying more and more crabs?

"It's getting late, little one, and if I want to get you all there before nightfall, I have to hurry. So I'm going faster and faster…"

The Dreggon loaded the third group onto its back. The little Cwab with the big pincer asked to come too.

"Sorry, little crab, but I don't have any more room on my back…"

No matter, the Cwab could hang on around his neck.

"I don't know… that might not be very comfortable…"

Was it a proud Dreggon or a weak wimpy lizard? The scaly creature finally agreed.


After about ten minutes, the little Cwab hanging around the Dreggon's neck noticed something on the ground. He and the other Cwabs were used to collecting the leftover fish and other creatures that the Dreggons threw away. But this time… He recognized his own kind. Still holding on, he rubbed his pincers to ask the Dreggon carrying him if that was all that was left of his people. The Dreggon smiled.

"You're very clever, little one. But that won't stop you from ending up like the others!"

The little Cwab rubbed his pincers again. His shell wasn't going to be drying in the sun alongside the remains of the other Cwabs – not at all, the head and body of the evil Dreggon were. His pincer then squeezed the scaly creature's neck and little by little the creature stopped smiling. The little Cwab had kept his promise.

The Dreggon colony found their brother that very night. Then, in the days that followed, the bodies of another, and then another, and yet another were found in the same circumstances. Rumors of a curse spread like a wave on the beach. Fighting broke out. And in any case, food was running out so why stay any longer?

One morning, the camp was gone as suddenly as it had arrived. The Cwabs and other creatures who had managed to survive moved back into Turfo Canyon in Sufokia.

According to the legend, that little Cwab is grown now and wears the skull of the nasty, lying Dreggon.

He is now… the ROYAL CWAB.


Face off against him throughout the month of April in this Boss Smasher!