After a taster in March with a Boss Smasher in its usual version, the competitive event is being improved from April. We thought about ways of making it more flexible and interesting for those who regularly take part…

With the Boss Smasher, you're your own best enemy!

Until now, it was the monthly meetup for those who wanted to outdo themselves – once a month, we gave you a weekend challenge in a dungeon. If you completed it successfully, you won a reward. For this 2019 version, the principle is rather similar, but let's go into detail together and see the improvements we made.


Duration 4 days per month the whole month
Frequency 10 months per year (March through December) the whole year (April 2019 through April 2020, and so on)
Difficulty Stasis 15 Stasis 21
Rewards 1 reward per Boss Smasher + 1 annual reward depending on the number of Boss Smashers completed during the year. Titles and tokens to use at the Astrub machine to choose your reward.

What Changes for You

More time: You have the whole month to complete the Boss Smasher whenever you like.

More dungeons: Ultimately, there will be 12 Boss Smashers in a row instead of 10 as before.

More flexibility getting rewards: You're free to choose your reward from the machine depending on the number of tokens you have. That being said, the exclusive annual costume will remain roughly equal to the number of tokens acquired by completing nine 10 Boss Smashers successfully. The new costume will be available for the year 2019 and it will cost 10 tokens. It will be added to the machine with an upcoming update.

List of the Next Boss Smashers

The event is starting again on April 1 (no, it's not an April Fool's joke; it's just like that).

APRIL 2019: Royal Cwab
MAY 2019: Royal Blibli
JUNE 2019: Scarador
JULY 2019: Magik Hat
AUGUST 2019: Black Zordfish
SEPTEMBER 2019: Soft Oak
OCTOBER 2019: Blopgang Amadeus Blopzart
NOVEMBER 2019: Remington Smisse
DECEMBER 2019: Grozepin
JANUARY 2020: Royal Tofu
FEBRUARY 2020: Treechnell
MARCH 2020: Royal Crackler

We hope these improvements will make you happy and let you enjoy the game even more!