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From its very creation, WAKFU's promise was clear: The world is what you make it! And because this universe belongs to you as much as it does to us, we asked you for your ideas and then your opinion for 2019.

Many players first submitted their ideas in the forum and we selected the most popular 11 suggestions and asked for your opinion on them with a poll.

Thank you all very much for your participation, which reflects the passion you have for our game! Thanks to you, we believe the consultation was representative and we can rely on your feedback: Exactly 11,053 players voted in the poll!

So, without further ado, here are the poll results, ranked in order of importance:

  • #1    A new island (zones, quests, dungeons, etc.)

  • #2    More customization during character creation

  • #3    Improved interfaces (ergonomics, features, etc.)

  • #4    PvP evolution

  • #5    Make ecology and ecosystems more of a priority

  • #6    Improved group search

  • #7    New type of wave-based combats (e.g. Mobile Arenas)

  • #8    Improved tactical mode

  • #9    Make politics more of a priority

  • #10    More customization of Haven Bags

  • #11    New feature to search for craftsmen

The graph below shows in detail the poll results for all suggestions ranked in the top 3.

Your opinion is crucial in helping us make the right decisions, even though it can't be a simple shopping list that we follow blindly. We need to be able to surprise you!

These poll results are among the many types of data we take into account when choosing update content. In order to make as many improvements as possible to the game in a given period of time, we also take into consideration the relationship between the resources needed to produce a feature and its potential. That's why we won't necessarily be able to implement all the proposals.

That said, we are very happy with these results because they are for the most part consistent with the directions we wanted to take in 2019 (and beyond!).

In order to meet your expectations as best we can, it's necessary to readjust an announcement we made in December about organizing a PvP tournament. We want to devote all our resources to satisfying as many of your desires as possible, and if we thoroughly study PvP evolutions in the game, probably in 2020, we won't be able to organize this tournament right away – it would simply take too much time. We are sorry if this decision is disappointing, but we feel it's the most reasonable one.
We are already working on two parallel updates: the spring update and an expansion that you'll be able to explore this summer.

We don't want to reveal too many details yet, but know that the next update will give you more customization options when creating your characters (to partially fulfill your number 2 request), and the next expansion will let you explore a region that the Brotherhood of the Tofu visited in the series WAKFU (your number 1 request)… It will also begin rolling out the beginnings of our new narrative arc – the Eliocalypse!

Thank you again for your participation and support – reading your passionate and constructive contributions is always a pleasure!