"That's all wrong! Ogrest doesn't look right at all! I need a model!" The Foggernaut angrily crumpled her sketch into a ball and tossed it into the already full trash can. You see, at that time and place, she didn't have access to the online Ankama Shop like we do. If she had, she would have found the new Ogrest pack there, available now!

You might wonder how this pack would have helped her if it was available in WAKFU and not just "in real life". It's quite simple. With a tote bag, a stuffed toy, and several posters, all in Ogrest's likeness, she'd have had the model she needed to complete her work successfully…

But let's start at the beginning…

The Foggernaut

A cutting-edge engineer, Mari Shell's career hadn't been what she'd hoped. Truth be told, her ambition of creating a living being from inanimate matter had caused a scandal when she tried to enter Immaterial University of Bonta, the renowned IUB. Those stupid Huppermages! She felt terrible rage rise inside every time she thought about those so-called scholarly experts, so stubborn and dogmatic. Especially that ageless librarian who looked like Moon and who had spoken to her so condescendingly. He'd mocked her openly. He even cast doubt on her scientific rigor, even though at the time he himself had been defending the (since debunked) theory that the World of Twelve was a disk sitting on the backs of four Striches perched on the back of a giant Gobball swimming through the Krosmoz! The truth of it was that those macho fuddy-duddies didn't want a Foggernaut woman! That's all.

Without funding, Mari was forced to abandon her research; she decided to travel to get over her disappointment. And that's when, during a visit to the Wabbit Islands, a curious animal caught her attention. She learned that it was a wobot and, not really knowing why, she spent hours and days observing it. She made a few sketches, and even a small model of the little two-legged creature.

When she got home, it took a while for the idea to sprout in her mind. She wouldn't design a living creature, but an animated machine. And since her "peers" seemed to think of her as something of a monster, she'd use Ogrest as her model! But for now, she needed to get his appearance just right. She knew where she'd find the necessary documentation, particularly an illustrated edition of Journey to the End of Zinit. When she was finished, all she'd need to do is sell her idea. And she knew exactly who to contact. She'd stayed in touch with an Ecaflip she met at IUB, who had been rejected as well on the pretext that all he thought about was games!


The Ecaflip

Mari stopped in front of an imposing facade made of Schnek earth bricks. A kokonut wood plaque near the door engraved with the words "Eca Games" confirmed she was in the right place.

She went down a hallway opening onto several rooms. Ecaflips were bustling about everywhere. Some were on their own hunched over their work, others were in lively groups. Pots of Stalagspread and flasks of Black Enewgie sat side by side on desks, necessary to stimulate these confirmed players' creativity.

Only two Enutrofs, their arms full of documents covered in numbers, stood out in the playful, albeit studious, atmosphere.

A regular visitor, she didn't pay any attention to the snippets of talk that reached her hears:

"No time, I've got a meet…"

"… never be ready for Bonta Games Week!"

"I'll get back to you a Zaap…" (a Zaap??!!)

"Love your character!"

Mari finally saw the one she was looking for perched on a strange machine consisting of a plank between two small wheels with a metallic stick ending in two handles sticking up perpendicularly from it.

"Hi, Mari. What brings you? Let's go to my office."

Following behind the imposing ginger-haired Eca, the Foggernaut entered a small room, disturbing a herd of cockroaches and Arachnees that scampered in every direction. The Ecaflip burst out laughing at Mari's disgusted face.

"No matter what we do, there's no getting rid of those pests!" he exclaimed. "But I put my whole team on it, and it'll pay off in the end! Can I offer you a Spritaur?"

"No, thank you."

"So, what have you got for me this time? A dragokart racing game? Tabletop gobbowl? A Krosmoz battle royale? A kid searching for his origins? An Ecaflip who collects magical objects? A dungeon full of dragons? All that's old hat. Already done!"

"Better than that, my friend, better than that!" Mari said with a grin.

She spread the blueprints and sketches on his desk and put down the wobot mock-up.

"You and your little geniuses should be able to do something with this."

"Hmmmm… Hmmmm…"

Looking skeptical, the Eca studied the sketches.

"What is it? It looks like a machine that looks like Ogrest. But what's it for?"

Thinking deeply, the Eca looked up and his eyes stopped on the reproduction of the wobot. He looked back and forth from the sketches to the mock-up.

"Think big, my friend. Think big."

The Eca stared at Mari for a minute and pounded his fist on his desk.

"Of course, by all the Shushus! A structure that looks like Ogrest and is big enough to hold someone inside it! It'd need reins to guide it… We've got something here, Mari, we've got something. Nothing like it's ever been seen before in the World of Twelve!"


What we can say with certainty is that starting today, the Ogrest pack is available in the Ankama Shop! It contains the following:

- an Ogrest stuffed toy,

- an Ogrest tote bag, and

- six Krosmoz posters created by Mig (author of the Ogrest manga).

And a Collector's Edition Pack!

The collector's edition of the pack, issued in only 24 copies, also contains an autograph by Mig (size A6). Don't delay!

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