Many of you have participated in 2018's Boss Smasher. Within the day, find the fruits of your labor! We're also taking this opportunity to focus on the event.

Dressed in their finest gears, adventurers rose to the challenge and faced WAKFU's iconic bosses!

2018 began with adventurers confronting Lokoko. Adventurers then faced Bwork, Royal Puddly, the Nun, Bilby Queen, Ponktius, Lenald Empelol, Solkrupt the Shadow-Eater, and Robowl the Outcast in the succeding months. The season finale pitted you against the nutty boss: Koko the Nutt! The most relentless of you have managed to smash them all!

Congratulations on your bravery and hardwork in bringing down these fearsome creatures!

Adventurers have also taken part in choosing this season's costume reward. See for yourself! 

Three cheers to all and see you in our next edition of Boss Smasher!