"An earth pig sleeps in the heart of every Twelvian," says the proverb. Now's the time to wake yours! We're celebrating spring until Monday, February 11 in WAKFU! Like every year, you've got a date with the members of the Occult Cult and Spring Gobballs. And let's not forget a brand new achievement and title! Fight valiantly and win new rewards!

Next stop: Astrub. There, you can admire the beauty of the blossoming Sakuras and celebrate Spring Has Sprung with style! But not by slinging back tankards of fermented bamboo milk. Oh, no! You'll have to dig deep, because Astrub isn't lacking creatures that think they're the one's who'll be celebrating at your expense!

Here's the activity list, worthy of the Charlie's Agents agency in its day.

  • 1 main quest involving Ogrest's Cult, rewarded with the Occult Cult Costume
  • 3 achievements, one of which is new: "Like a Cherry Blossom" which (might) earn you the title of Flower Prince or Princess
  • repeatable quests from Katrina Slevastan (Guild of Hunters' Camp in Astrub), rewarded with tokens that let you get (from the spring machine):
    • the Sakuya Cape
    • the Dora Nami Helmet
    • Mystical Sakura Cuttings

Are you ready? Are you on fire? If so, you'll be even more so in a few days when a new pack is out… Trying to guess which one? No doubt about it, you're burning up…