They follow you faithfully during your adventures, always ready to support and comfort you. What if you adopted them IRL? And made some room for them at your side? Minikrons and Gobgobs give you… snugly softness! Find them at the Ankama Shop either individually or in a limited-edition pack (only 200 packs available).

The World of Twelve is overflowing with these adorable little characters that are indispensable as sidekicks and without whom our emblematic heroes wouldn't quite be themselves. Mishell and her inseparable friend, Gobgob for example! A star-shaped pet who'll look at you with star-studded eyes if you decide to bring it home.

Or would you rather have a more colorful pet? A Minikron would be perfect! They come as stuffed toys, of course, and as pins if you really can't stand to leave yours behind. And since Minikrons will do anything to make you happy, they even come in pairs just for you: a Minikron stuffed toy and pin have joined forces in a limited-edition pack (only 200 packs available)!

Your favorite pets are waiting for you in the Ankama Shop. Don't leave them hanging!

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