Update 1.62 is coming soon! As with Nations, the update will see in-game Boosters get a new look.

As previously explained, the new Nations are meant to promote ease of play and smooth gameplay, not only for new players, but also for you!

With the aim of taking your experience to the next level, we decided to make certain changes to in-game Boosters.

These new Nations will come with a fair amount of exploration. From capitals to your favorite dungeons, you'll uncover many hidden corners and challenges in the World of Twelve!

To ensure that you can discover every single one, we decided to make certain features available to all players, whether they have an active Booster or not:

  • Transportation will be free for everyone.
  • Quick use of consumables will be available to all.

In addition, for seasoned fighters or adventurers who'd like to join the big leagues faster, some bonuses have been improved. Bonuses granted to those with an active Booster will be increased in the following way:

  • The experience bonus has been increased from 30 to 50%.
  • The loot bonus has been increased from 10 to 25%.

And the best part? The price of Boosters in the shop will stay the same, regardless of the category they're in!