You were waiting for it, you're here, it's here ... it's! End your fights in style with the Sadida Finisher! Through December 3, this new fatal blow is offered for free when you purchase a pack of 13,000 OG or more or in flash sale at 4,500 OG.

When a difficult fight is almost over and your opponent has been reduced to something in your hands, do not stop there! Turn to a puppet whose strings the god Sadida will be happy to sweat before putting them in a better world.

If you need Ogrines, the combo of the month is for you. Get the Sadida Finisher as a bonus gift with packs of 13,000 or more, Monday, December 3 11:59 PM  (Paris time)! Otherwise, you can get it at 4,500 OG on the shop until December 3 11:59PM.


  • The item is linked.
  • Ogrine Packs for the country. The item will appear in your basket before  payment confirmation.