It was barely two o'clock in the afternoon when an old lady burst into the Sufokia militia station, panicked and crying. She stumbled forward and stopped in front of the desk closest to the entrance.

"Can someone help me, please? I've been robbed!" she said in a trembling voice.

The young militiaman behind the desk nodded and stood. He took her by the arm and helped her sit. 

"Good afternoon, ma'am. There, there, calm down and tell me everything. I'll take your statement.

"Th… thank you, young man," stuttered the old lady as she sat down. "My name is Miss Warple and I live near the Fiery Walk…"

Miss Warple paused for a long time to dry her tears, then she looked up to the sky as if going over the events in her mind again.

"Last night, I woke up… and noticed that my Bow Meow Mimine wasn't there… That's very unusual, you know! Mimine always sleeps with me. She's a very good Bow Meow, you see. She even knows how to shake paws… 

"Yes, I'm sure, ma'am," interrupted the young militiaman who had sat down across from her. "Could you tell me what happened next?"

Miss Warple looked at him with wide eyes. Her whole body shuddered. She pulled herself together and went on.

"As I was saying, Mimine was gone. I heard a noise in the kitchen – growling!" she said, gesticulating broadly with her hands. "I rushed to the kitchen and found Mimine on the table. Her fur was standing on end and she was staring at a corner of the room, hissing and meowing as loud as she could. That's not like her, you know! Mimine is a nice Bow Meow… So I went over and you'll never guess what I saw!"

"What, ma'am?" asked the militiaman taking down the old lady's statement.

Miss Warple scooted forward on her chair then leaned over slightly, as if to whisper in the young man's ear… 

"It was a large, black figure! A man, probably a young man because his back wasn't all bent over like people of my age, you see. His face was covered and he was wearing a large cape. He was holding my deceased husband's old Shushu knife in his right hand… I let out a scream and tripped over Mimine. I fell backwards and that's when he jumped out the window, you see! I'm scared to go home! What if he comes back?"

The young guard stopped writing, his quill hovering. He leaned back and called his boss.

"Chief, Chief! We got another one, Chief. He stole another Shushu!"

A large man with a thoughtful look on his face and one hand on his beard came over to the young militiaman.
"This whole thing is starting to get way out of hand," he murmured. 

"You know him?" asked the old lady.

"Oh, yes, ma'am, we know him well…"


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