You've told us all about your expectations for the 2019 WAKFU schedule. We're answering your suggestions today and would like you to vote!

Every day, we read your feedback on the forums and social media to guide our priorities. This year, we want to involve you more directly in this target-setting process for updates in the second half of 2019. And that's why in mid-September, we asked you to give us your ideas and wishes for the game in a new section of the forum.

And today, after having taken a look at all the suggestions from all the communities, gathered and analyzed the votes, we're now asking you to choose from these 11 highly popular propositions that we've selected!

This survey is open to everyone because we really feel it's important that each and every one of you has a chance to have their say, so go ahead and share this with those around you, with your guild, with your friends…


It's also really important for us to tell you how things work from our side: why we stick to certain ideas, rule others out, or modify suggestions. Here are a few popular ideas that won't be offered in this survey or elsewhere – as well as our reasons for this.

Pandala, Otomai Island…

The reason you won't find these names directly in the survey is because they've been brought together as ​​"A New Island". And if your dream has always been to drink fermented bamboo milk with your long-haired buddies or to have some strange experiences on a desert island with your blue-haired spiritual father, you'll have to vote for this suggestion, won't you?

The Kolossium

We read PvP requests very carefully and we fully understand that the current PvP system is not universally accepted. And although we know that an inter-server matchmaking system looks like a logical solution (aka Kolossium in DOFUS), we are unable to set this up easily in Wakfu.

Even though the game is largely similar to DOFUS in terms of their universes, the two projects are technically very far apart and it wouldn't be possible to use the DOFUS Kolossium in Wakfu: We would have to develop the system from the ground up and the workload would just be colossal.

The second point is that, for this system to work properly, it needs to be multi-server. Even though the single-server Kolossium worked well initially, its limitations were soon apparent: It was quite common to have to wait more than an hour for a battle. The single-server Kolossium is therefore not a good solution and the time required to develop the inter-server Kolossium would be well over a year.

We therefore didn't include the addition of the Kolossium in the survey, but rather the option of further advancing PvP. This means that if a lot of you vote for this proposal, we will try our hardest to give it to you: either by way of a development of the current system or a new system unique to Wakfu.

Marriage Feature

A lot of you seem to link this idea to teleportation, but we don't want to add teleportation toward another character because we believe it to be too powerful a feature.

Developing a marriage system solely as a roleplay feature seems to us to be costly at this present time compared with what this feature would bring to the game.


There is already a letterbox system with the Ankabox. This is a multi-game feature and is not yet complete (no item transfers or in-game integration with Wakfu), but we do not intend to change this for the moment.

House purchase

Adding such a system does not seem particularly viable. The number of houses that we could make available would be very limited and very few players could actually use such a system. Setting up an instances system (multiple owners) would reduce the feeling of owning a property and would be difficult to implement in technical terms. Plus, every player has already been given the possibility to develop their own Haven Bag (or Haven World, for certain players).

Stasis & Wakfu

Mechanically, we think this is a bit too simplistic and Manichean to be opposed to the creation and destruction of in-game resources. We are not rejecting the long-term possibility of adding further depth to the mechanics of Stasis and Wakfu, but we believe that a workload of this magnitude is not currently a priority.
We're hoping many of you will complete this survey, so please go ahead and vote for what you'd like to see in WAKFU in 2019!