After a launch on the AppStore a few weeks ago, Ankama Mobile is releasing its newest mobile game, Cosmobot, on Android! After WAKFU The BrotherhoodNindashDrag’n Boom and Tactile Wars, this ultra-dynamic, one-button mini-game has drones, outer space, gravity… and a super cute mechanic!

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Space conquest has become too expensive so drones are now being sent out to explore the infinite universe. While staying in constant contact with Megan (a mechanic as ravishing as she is surly), control cutting-edge cosmobots and take them on voyages that become more and more distant and more and more… dangerous!

With Cosmobot, you will experience:

  • Hyperjump: Gain altitude… at the speed of light!
  • And 1, and 2, and… 1,000 cosmobots: How many machines will you need to go even further? Compare your scores with your friends' and become the greatest pilot ever or, instead, a real scourge for your little robots!
  • Enemies, always more enemies: You're not alone out there in space! That obstacle might have been child's play, but can you overcome the next?
  • Dozens of bonuses: You have a reputation as an excellent pilot, but a little help to reach those unexplored horizons always comes in handy!
  • Gravity: This is your best ally when it comes to advancing and overcoming adversity. Playing Cosmobot without gravity is out of the question!

Cosmobot, the latest brainchild from Ankama Mobile, is now available on Android and iOS.